Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This Is Here, Cable Wise

If you were trying to figure out what was taking Time Warner Cable's Northeast Ohio system so long to add the MGM classic TV channel "This TV" (via WUAB-DT's 43.2 subchannel), you weren't alone.

But considering that we just found it, we can't blame you for missing the addition.

We stumbled upon "This TV Cleveland" almost by accident the other day.

At least in this part of the TWC NEO universe, it is now airing on digital cable channel 248.

A quick look at the lineup shows "This TV" out there on its own, without similar channel grouping. It sits between Fox Reality Channel (228) and MTV (250). Not being big fans of either of those channels, it's no wonder we missed it.

We had expected the channel to be added in the 370s, near the WKYC/3 and WOIO/19-programmed local weather subchannels.

And the programming guide for our trusty TiVo has not yet reflected the addition of "This TV".

Anyway, we're pretty sure that the TWC standard definition digital lineup is uniform across the entire Northeast Ohio platform, so we'll assume the "This TV" addition is systemwide...


Mike Golch said...

I get the" this tv" on 43.2 as an over the air feature.

scnrfrq said...

We don't have it in Erie, PA.

emery_r said...

ThisTV appeared almost instantly on TW Cincinnati when it first showed up on WXIX/19.2 several months ago. I assume the station had been negotiating with TW all along to get it on the system immediately; strange when you consider how long it took them years ago to add the old UPN network when it was only broadcast by our local low-power station.

Then again, that earlier UPN delay helps me understand why the same low-power broadcaster's recent addition of RTN has also met with total silence from TW Cincinnati. No sign of RTN yet on the area's largest cable system!

Chris said...

OMW, it appears channel 3's digital signal is down. I was able to get the digital signal over the air last night even during the storms up here, but now i get a 'no signal' message on my DTV converter box.

Also, Dish Network's showing a message on channel 3 saying "Sorry for the interruption. There is no need to call us. We are aware that this TV station is temporarily unavailable and we will have this channel back as quickly as possible."

Is it a coincidence, or is channel three's digital feed down?

Chris said...

I called up WKYC's main phone number, hit the "engineering" option, and talked to someone in engineering. They said they are doing antenna work as weather permits. He said the analog feed should be fine. I was able to pick up WKYC in analog. BTW I have Dish Network HD Service, so channel 3 only shows up in HD, obviously taking the digital feed.

Chuck Matthews Blog said...

The THIS channel is also on Buckeye Cable.