Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We hadn't diligently watched ideastream PBS affiliate WVIZ/25's application to run its post-transition power level before the June 12th transition, one week from Friday.

As it turns out, the Special Temporary Authority request was quickly approved by the FCC on May 29th.

(We guess we're not used to the FCC or any other government agency processing digital paperwork that quickly.)

That means whenever WVIZ-DT's new antenna is mounted on the tower it will share with WKYC-DT, the station will be able to light it up at full power.

Without the STA, the WVIZ-DT full-power construction permit would have precluded regularly using the facility until after June 12th. That's only just over a week away now, but we're sure WVIZ was antsy to finally abandon the 10 kW or less temporary digital facilities it had been using for years...

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Andrew said...

Sounds like nothing has happened since Friday afternoon when I went that direction. I snapped a few pictures as well. From what I could tell, the tower itself was more or less done. The apparatus that is used to build the tower was still at the top with the tower crew on it as of Friday@12PM. I was sure they were going to start mounting the antennas that afternoon, but apparently I was wrong. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that nothing has happened since Friday due to the crummy weather we've been having this week.