Sunday, November 12, 2006

A New Station in Wooster - Well, Sort Of

An OMW reader alerted us to the presence of a billboard seen while driving through Wayne County, trumpeting "your new family fun station" on 102.7 FM. Huh?

We weren't aware of any new radio stations in that area, especially one with enough resources to buy a billboard, so we did some digging and found this.

In specific, it's a new translator for Mansfield's WVMC/90.7, a non-comm Christian contemporary outlet ("Christian Hit Radio") which also operates a translator on 91.1 in nearby Ashland.

The station proudly announces the new translator on its website:


The Lord has been amazing as we planned, prepared and worked toward this goal!

And now, WVMC FM has three frequencies to serve North Central Ohio: 90.7 Mansfield, 91.1 Ashland and now 102.7 Wooster!

But we missed the translator when we first started surfing through the FCC database.

The station is licensed to Jefferson OH, which we always thought was the small town in Ashtabula County. Evidently, someone at WVMC uncovered a subdivision or census place name "Jefferson" near Wooster.

W274AN, as the new 13 watt translator is officially known, is camped out on the southern edge of Wooster.

A MySpace page run by someone who appears to be WVMC's engineer says the station went on the air October 4th...


Anonymous said...

WQKT is still the powerhouse in Wayne County. Althought this new station is relatively near the QKT tower and station off of Rt. 30.

david5258 said...

oa--i saw the billboard on sr3 last week driving to mount vernon.i turned my radio to 102.7 and enjoyed their signal from3 miles south of wooster to 2 mile north of mt vernon where 3 and 768 meet. very upbeat and well thot out mix of music during that hour. their website says it is run by mansfield christian school (similar to wstb/streetsboro hs jukebox radio). their jock was knowledgable and fun to listen to. i'm not sure how much is done locally and who is vt from possibly emf? lts-very enjoyable station to listen to--recommend highly

74WIXYgrad said...

I noticed the billboard as I was driving down 57 towards Orrville. I tuned into the station and got a somewhat weak signal.

Anonymous said...

WVMC is local in the mornings and afternoons I believe and they run Christian Hit radio (a satellite feed from WAY-FM in Nashville) outside those hours I believe.

Anonymous said...

I was the OMW reader who alerted OA about the Board yesterday. I saw the billboard on St. Rt 57 just North of Orrville. I tuned in and got WCPZ (in stereo)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're toast.

We're all turning our dollars in to gold.

It's earth cracking.

Pfff ..

I can remember being a PD here and Loudonville comes on with "Wooster's New FM".

Then, same deal, WKLM Millersburg.

These things come. These things go.

We've been around for 49 years.

We're 52,000 watts.

We're not dismissing it but we do realize this happens and this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

That must be the great David Dial...
QKT is one of the great stations in Ohio. It stays true to its roots of local news and sports programming. They have a great team and have had one over the many years.
Keep it up!

74WIXYgrad said...

I also saw one of those billboards, going northeast, out of Smithville on 585. I tuned to 102.7 and nothing but static.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the signal in and around Wooster. It was solid for a few weeks and has been in and out recently, but it's good most of the time. Probably something to do with atmospherics. Sometimes signals can get wacky for a bit in the spring and fall.

Anonymous said...


I am Mike, the engineer for WVMC. First of all, thanks for posting this! Like the post said, we are only running 13 watts. Our coverage to the north doesn’t seem to be as good as to the south. Orrville and Smithville are right on the edge for us. However as you head into Wooster from these locations the signal improves.

This being a translator, we do occasionally have atmospherics cause interference to our received signal, especially this time of year (fall..) and in the spring time.

WVMC is a Way-FM / CHR affiliate. We cover the Mansfield, Ashland, and now Wooster Ohio areas. We Broadcast live in the mornings from 6:00 – 9:00. Then one hour of music. After that we switch over to CHR’s network. At 3:00 – 7:00 is local programming, then we switch back to the network.

As far as programming goes, we play Christian Rock.

Hope this helps!! Thanks to all who are listening!!

-- Mike

Anonymous said...

We've been around for 49 years....
We're 52,000 watts....

Yeah? So?

The thinking that just because you are 52,000 watts (which means NOTHING to the audience) or around for 49 years will keep you solvent is absurd.

Radio has, is and shall be, what have you done for me lately? If a new FM stick were to sign on in Wooster and offer programming like that of WQKT, but more polished, QKT could be in big trouble.

For example if I signed on a stick and offered Monday Night Football,I'd air it in both channels, not just the left.

If airing COW sports I would not use a horrific sounding telephone line, but ISDN or COMREX or Voice over IP. Same for High School sports. Marti shots that pop and crack, bad phone lines etc all need to go.

and why do the indians/cavs/buckeyes sound so thin on a stereo FM?

and the news? A few years back Woo Radio had a full newsroom. Then nothing. I'm betting the day the Daily Record went to a morning newspaper the screams of joy echoed off of Hillcrest road. Finally Fresh news in the morning!

Anonymous said...

But why are you paying for billboards where you can't hear the signal?

Anonymous said...

Thaks kind of surprising to me that you can't hear the signal. Every time I, and others go into Wooster we can hear it just fine. Honestly, I'm not sure where the billboards are, they might be on the edge of our signal, which was intended to cover Wooster and a little bit of the outlying area.

The response we have received from people in Wooster has been great, so I am confused as to why you can't hear the signal.

-- Mike

Anonymous said...

The Billboards are in Orrville and Smithville...There is No signal there.

Anonymous said...

I love the guy who attacked QKT. I used to be a weekend announcer at QKT and I will tell you that tons of folks listen to the Scots on the AM side and nobody complains that the 50,000 plus signal booming Indians, Buckeyes and tons of High School Sports...Not to mention QKT is a pretty profitable venture for the Dix Family.

74WIXYGrad said...

To be specific, the billboard on SR57 is between Rittman and Orrville. and the one on SR585 is between Rittman and Smithville.

Ohio Media Watch said...

Really, folks... you can't compare WVMC's new translator to WQKT/WKVX.

They're two entirely different animals.

One's a commercial AM/FM powerhouse combo with boatloads of sports and news/information aimed at Wooster and Wayne and Holmes County.

The other's the translator of a Christian contemporary music non-comm station that is clearly delighted to add Wooster to its repetoire, but the stations don't really even do the same thing.

Apple, meet orange.

BTW, since posting this, the OMW Mobile took a detour down to Wooster...where we heard WVMC's new 102.7 translator basically in the city itself.

It got a little farther out to the north and east of Wooster, but it died out for us shortly after that billboard on Rt. 585.

Oh, we scouted out that one on 57 north of Orrville (not far from the 57/585 intersection), and we could not hear the station at all there.

It's a 13 watt translator aimed at covering the city of Wooster and nearby areas, and does pretty well for what it is. The billboards are a bit far spread out for the signal, tho.

74WIXYGrad said...


May I say that it has been a privilege to have you that close to 74WIXYgrad World Headquarters, as I live within 1-1/2 miles of the 57/585 intersection.

Tim Lones said...

While Christian Rock is not my cup of tea personally..I wish WVMC God's Blessings in their new endeavor..Now if someone could just put a BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) Translator a little closer to Southwest Canton..

As OMW said you cant compare WQKT to a little translator..