Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reply to the Times Reporter

A quick note:

The Dover/New Philadelphia Times-Reporter is featuring our recent item about WJER front and center, and WJER operator/former owner Gary Petricola is responding to it, via the newspaper.

Here's the meat of it:

According to the OhioMedia Watch Web site, WJER operator Gary Petricola of Dover “has been given a ‘drop dead’ end date of Dec. 10 for his operation of FM 101.7.”

However, Petricola was adamant Wednesday night that, “I don’t know anything about that date.”

The only response we have at this time: OMW stands by our original item...and we believe a large number of people in the Dover/New Philadelphia area knew about this even before we posted it...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone doesn't want to admit that they lost control of WJER FM and don't want to admit it to the community. With this lying I think they should be forced to give up 1450 AM also

Tim Lones said...

I think Mr. Petricola would have been better served with a "no comment" Asuming everything is as OMW has reported, it should all come out officially soon enough..

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:
You sounds like someone doesn't know what they are talking about! Maybe you should be forced to give up posting to blogs!

Anonymous said...

While you talk about WJER as if it were an inanimate object, you should keep in mind that to the people of this area this station was alive and meant alot. Gary Petricola built this station and poured his heart and soul into serving his community for 40 years. We have been well served by both him and WJER, and both deserve more respect. Before you bash him, the station, or the community, please remember that this is an emotional issue and that there are real people involved. I don't know how CC normally does business, but they were suppose to stay here and continue serving our community in the manner that Mr.Petricola did all his life.