Friday, April 13, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: It's Q104's Turn

On the heels of the departure of CBS Radio AC WDOK/102.1 Cleveland afternoon driver Chris Fox, it's time for sister hot AC WQAL/104.1 to take a spin in the "Lineup Change Machine".

AllAccess reports that "Q104" is changing around its schedule.

Station midday personality and music director John Conner exits, to "enter the world of artist management" - that's an AA quote from WQAL programmer Dave Popovich.

That moves evening host Tim Richards up to the midday slot, and brings in WDVD/Detroit's Rob Kruz for evenings at WQAL. All of this starts Monday.

And in case you wanted to complete the circular connection, WDVD is the Detroit station now employing former "Q104" APD/MD/afternoon drive host Brian "Fig" Figula.

Fig left his PD gig at hometown WWCK/Flint MI to take a job doing nights and imaging for the Detroit station...


Johnny Morgan said...

I take it then that Rob Cruz is the winner of the Cleveland's Next Top Jock contest?

And that I should hold off on my follow-up call in re: my MP3 and resume?

Anonymous said...

CBS Radio's "careers" page has a posting for the WDOK PM Drive gig. Could just be EOE.

Anonymous said...

WQAL should go FM Talk, like many other CBS FM stations are doing. That would make it unique in the marketplace, like Akron's top rated WNIR. Why do they do they continue to fool around with their boring music mix? Oh, I forgot, there is a secret agreement between CBS, Radio One, and Clear Channel not to compete with each other in Cleveland. Never mind.