Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Programming

In our zeal to enjoy the weekend, we forgot that we didn't run down today's NFL Draft, and local coverage of same.

On TV, of course, it's all about ESPN and sister network ESPN2, which own the TV rights lock, stock and proverbial barrel. Local TV affiliates will have to wait until their evening newscasts to show video of the Browns drafting Brady Russell Thomas Peterson, or whoever it'll be.

This year, NFL Draft coverage has beefed up on radio.

On Browns AM flagship Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100, at least at the opening, it's Browns beat reporter Andre Knott joined by mid-morning host Bob Frantz - slipping on the sports jersey for the station's draft show. And Frantz and Knott are doing the show live from Browns HQ in Berea.

And at this writing, afternoon driver Mike Trivisonno has also just showed up. It's not clear what role he'll play, but in past years, he's been a "drop-in" and usually spent the most time on the air immediately surrounding the Browns pick.

WTAM's full coverage today is of note because in past years, the station has been forced to dial back on the coverage due to its role as the Cleveland Indians' flagship station.

But with the Indians scheduled for an evening game tonight...WTAM has the opening for full-time draft coverage.

And though WTAM will be carrying today's Game 3 NBA Playoff tilt between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards, tip-off is not until 5:30 PM...which gives plenty of time for draft talk even with a half-hour Cavs pregame show.

Good Karma sports WKNR/850 Cleveland "ESPN 850" has thrown the kitchen sink at Draft Day in 2007, mounting a day-long show at Harpo's Sports Cafe in Brook Park's Brookgate Shopping Center.

And the way it's been scheduled tells you a lot about the state of the station.

Heading up the all important run-up to the Browns' third-overall pick (10 AM to somewhere before 1 PM) is afternoon driver Mark "Munch" Bishop, joined by former Browns player Jim Pyne.

At Browns HQ in Berea is mid-morning host Tony Rizzo (presumably also working for his primary employer, WJW "FOX 8"), joined by producer/sidekick Aaron Goldhammer and long-time station reporter Bob Karlovec.

Joining in at noon will be station evening host Kenny Roda, who's said he'll be on the air from noon to 4 PM. In past years, Roda and mainstay Greg Brinda were the primary anchors for whatever NFL Draft remote the station has done.

Roda will also be tasked with taking the "this pick stinks/I'm happy with it" calls, which judging from the interest in this year's draft, could take half the night.

The station's website promotes basically everyone, including "10th Inning" host Brinda and even "Wine and Gold Postgame Show" host Michael Reghi, as being part of the draft show mix.

Your third radio, er, audio draft coverage option locally is provided by

The Internet broadcaster is hosting a live remote from Shula's 2 restaurant/sports bar in what we call the Independence Media Gulch, at the Doubletree Hotel off Rockside and I-77.

Unless you're a diehard STC listener, you probably won't recognize the names credited in the show's roundtable: Paul Teeple, Jim Kushlan, Rick Morris, Jason Jones and Jason Ashton.

But as far as we know, former WKNR/850 host Kendall "The BSK" Lewis is still aboard doing STC's mid-morning show - even after gaining much higher-profile employment co-hosting FOX Sports Net Ohio's "Cleveland Rants" with Les Levine.

"The BSK" is contributing live call-ins from Browns HQ in Berea to the STC draft day show.

In a totally unrelated item, non-sports fans may find solace in the annual WVIZ/25 Auction, which started Thursday and takes the airwaves at the Cleveland PBS outlet starting at noon today and tomorrow, and running into the wee hours.

This year, the auction folks are offering a live video stream of the show, in case you're near a computer and not able to watch TV for some reason. (They may have done so in the past, but we can't remember if they did.)

And even if you're not into the bidding, the Auction is usually a fun place to check in if you're a follower of local media personalities. And if you're here, that probably applies.

Each year, a number of local TV and radio people drop the competitive swords to help out their brethren at public TV...and you'll even get to see what some of the radio folks look like...


Anonymous said...

Last few years, It has been Roda and Brinda basically from start to finish on draft day, with Karlovec in Berea.

Now, they are mixing and matching those guys with Rizzo, Munch, Reghi, Goldhammer, and they even brought in 2 ex-Browns (OL Jim Pyne and QB Mike Pagel) for analysis.

KNR just feels like it has a jolt of energy running through it since Karmazin and the crew came in.

Anonymous said...

And their coverage still sucked compared to WTAM's.

TAM had wall-to-wall from Berea, not some sports bar. They got exclusives with Savage and Crennel, and first access to every piece of information from the brass. KNR tries hard, but their always a day late and a dollar short.

Anonymous said...

1st poster works at WKNR.

2nd poster works at WTAM.

I watched it on ESPN guys. They trumped you both! :-D

(then again, at least KNR didn't have Triv and his "mmmkay" crutch between every sentence. God he sucks)

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard when the former Adelphia systems will have the channel realignment to TWC lineup?

Anonymous said...

In Dover/New Philadelphia area,
They jst realigned Ohio News Network from channel 72 to Digital position 122.. I'm fuming on that one!!
(Former Adelphia area)

Anonymous said...

I think Eddie Mularz should have been the main anchor on draft day coverage on WKNR. They should give him a break!

Anonymous said...

I'll assume this is just a big running joke, as I have never even heard of this Eddie Mularz dude that keeps getting mentioned on here.

Glorified board-op from the Salem days?

Anonymous said...

Eddie used to do the time and temp at the top of the hour during Mike and Mike (and later Steve Csaban) during 850's Salem days.

As far as who had better radio coverage of the draft, I gotta give it to 850, who had a dozen guys on the air (both at the sports bar and at Berea) from 10a-midnight.

On 1100, Frantz and Knott were fine, but Triv...yeeesh!

Anonymous said...

If Trivisonno can do a radio show then the King of Mool Eddie Mularz should have a show on WKNR!

JD said...

I listened to the draft coverage on WTAM and WKNR. Both were good.

I liked how 'KNR was at the bar. You couldn't buy the reaction in the background when the Browns suddenly moved into the 22nd spot to draft Brady Quinn. The dialogue between the hosts was excellent. But the live remote sounded a little junky.

'TAM was decent. I didn't like the fact that Snyder didn't record that many player profiles for after they were drafted. And I didn't like Frantz and Trivisonno talking about how the Browns are doomed and idiotic after the Thomas pick (what do they know?).

Remember to please check out Morning Show Central,!

Anonymous said...

If Frantz and Trivisonno are so smart about sports why are they doing Sports Talk shows?

Anonymous said...

Remember this about TAM...

They are also the Cleveland affiliate for Notre Dame football, so there was some bias towards Brady Quinn.

Also ND's head coach, Charlie Weiss, is good buddies with Romeo Crennel, and he was pushing Quinn hard.

Frantz and Triv started as sports talkers, they just branched out.

Frantz still writes a weekly sports column for the Oakland paper, and he was sideline reporter for the Raiders when he worked out there in '01.

Morgan Wick said...

On TV, of course, it's all about ESPN and sister network ESPN2

No love for the NFL Network? (Yes, I'm joking, I know no one gets that with Time Warner's Ohio dominance.)

Anonymous said... mean the FLAGSHIP station had "exclusives" with Savage and Crennel from Berea??!! How did they ever pull that one off?

OCB Graduate said...

If Eddie Mularz anchored coverage on WKNR they would have had exclusives with Romeo and Phil. Eddie deserves a break!

Anonymous said...

" mean the FLAGSHIP station had "exclusives" with Savage and Crennel from Berea??!! How did they ever pull that one off?"

Doesn't matter how they pulled it off, the question was about who had the best coverage. And access to the Browns braintrust provides the best coverage don't you think?