Monday, April 30, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: WJW's Easterly Moves Up To GM

He almost left Cleveland entirely to take a job in Dallas, but WJW/8 news director Greg Easterly is staying at "FOX 8" in Cleveland.

As general manager.

OMW hears that it's been officially announced on South Marginal Road - Easterly, who has run the WJW news department for 10 years, will move up to the GM's chair to replace Mike Renda.

Renda announced a month ago that he was moving within the FOX corporate structure as well, to head up the company's O&O in Philadelphia, WTXF/29.

And Easterly all but had his bags packed for the ND gig at CBS O&O KTVT/11 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, before deciding to stay in Cleveland for what was described as "family reasons".

At this writing, we have no idea who's been considered to replace Easterly as news director at WJW.

More as this develops, but we wanted to get this out there...


Anonymous said...


Most broadcast companies insist on a sales background for their GM's. Greg's career is almost entirely in television news.

Question: Is this why Greg changed his mind about leaving?

Another question: Does Sonya Thompson get a chance to move up?

JD said...

What's up with the tv that the Fox 8 reporters stand in front of? Looks kind of green.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't meteorologist Don Webster upped to GM at WEWS a couple of dozen years ago? Moved back to the weather desk a few years later, if feeble memory serves.


Anonymous said...

Don Webster got the title of "Station Manager", but I believe there was still a separate, "General Manager".

He went back to weather as part of a semi-retirement (they needed weathercasters and were too cheap to hire).

Anonymous said...

Just noticed on Allaccess, that the Mays picked up a combined $16-million plus last year in stock options and pay. Would that be the same members of the Mays family that pay the majority of their employes $6 to $10 per hour? And the same CC family opposing a shareholders vote on future compensation? The board urges a no vote....guess how I'm voting.

Anonymous said...

ok, but what does that have to do with Easterly & WJW-TV?

Anonymous said...

Nothing, just wanted to vent my frustrations with CC. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Is Greg any relation to former Indian's reliever Jamie "The Rat" Easterly?