Friday, April 13, 2007

More "Newsy" Sports

Back in the day when FOX Sports Net Ohio was the only local cable TV sports operation, we think it's safe to say that you could call it a bit complacent.

The network had the rights to both the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers, and really didn't feel the need to produce any news or information programming besides the pre-game shows and post-game shows.

That changed drastically when the Indians took their baseball and went to a new TV home, their own SportsTime Ohio, last season.

Since then, both networks have built up local sports programming outside the games, and have been more aggressive in covering breaking sports news. It's quite common on cable/satellite sports networks in other markets, but hasn't really happened in Cleveland until recently.

We're reminded of that due to a press release put out by the SportsTime Ohio folks today.

STO says that a 4:30 PM press conference with Indians pitcher Jake Westbrook, who just signed on the dotted line with a new contract deal, will be carried live on the network this afternoon.

It'll air as a part of the talk show hosted by former Morgantown WV resident Bruce Drennan, "All Bets Are Off". (And we're about ready to go to Vegas to bet on how long that title will be was "cute" when Bruce just walked out of a federal prison on tax charges, but sounds a bit strained as the weeks go on.)

We're trying to remember back in the pre-STO days, if FSN Ohio would carry such press conferences live.

For its own part, FSN Ohio has taken to the practice of carrying live press conferences involving the Cleveland Browns...a part of the team's "exclusive cable deal" with the NFL club...


Anonymous said...

FSN Ohio used to carry live news conferences when the Ohio Sports Report was on the air from mid 2000 thru early 2002.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why FSN Ohio does not resurrect OSR? As they are now 100% owned by Fox, I'm sure they are one of the only wholly-owned FSN's that doesn't have a nightly local sports report.

Anonymous said...

Actually, re-launching OSR isn't a bad idea.

Somebody like Jeff Phelps, Tony Rizzo or Michael Reghi (all current/past sports anchors) could anchor it.

And since FSN Ohio and WKNR are on friendly terms, guys like Munch Bishop and Kenny Roda can contribute as well using guys from FOX O&0 WJW like John Telich and Dan Coughlin.

Best Damn..., Rants, and OSR would be a decent little lineup from 9p-midnight.

Johnny Morgan said...

This is going to be shocking, so sit down before I say this...

How about calling his show "Sportsline (or something) with Bruce Drennan"?

Sometimes, as we can see here with FSN's tagging, being too cute by half gets old REAL quick.

Anonymous said...

If memory seves me, wasn't the original version of OSR produced in Cincinnati? I think they claimed at the time that cost considerations lead to its cancellation..

Why they don't at least produce post game programming for the Cavaliers and the Browns has always seemed strange..Budweiser pretty much sponsers Fox localized programming to some degree..get a major car, beer, airline and other sponsers and you can at least make some cash..

It would seem that Cleveland would be ruled out as a spot to produce a new OSR..but why it couldnt be done in Columbus?

Anonymous said...

Took the day off today, and greatly enjoyed Les Levine and Munch shows on WKNR.

I misjudged Munch originally. He knows his stuff, moves very quickly (while still giving callers plenty of time), and packs a LOT into 3 hours--with hardly any fluff.

Tim Lones said...

Doesnt FSN have "Cavaliers Live" after each game..Then Cleveland Rants?..That said I think they should have an "OSR" type sports news show

Anonymous said...

I do believe it was produced in Chicago along side the defunct FSN Chicago but don't quote me.

If they were to bring back OSR, then from a money standpoint then Cleveland would be the frontrunner since FOX owns WJW and I thought the main offices for FSN Ohio was in Cleveland with them sending out 2 different feeds (one for northern Ohio and one for Cincinnati).

From a location standpoint Columbus would work since it is half way between Cleveland and Cincinnati.