Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

Some pickups/leftovers/questions to start the week:

THERE GOES JOHN: OMW hears that Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 announced on its 11 PM newscast Sunday night that sports anchor John Chandler's last day would be - Sunday. It's news that isn't news to regular readers of This Space, which reported the "NewsChannel 5" sports anchor's exit on Thursday.

(An error on our part resulted in us reporting a last date of April 26th.)

We didn't get a chance to see it, but we're told anchors Curtis Jackson and Tracy Carloss gave Chandler a send-off, along with weather anchor Jason Nicholas - who quipped, "John Chandler's leaving?"

OMW hears that Mr. Chandler's destination in Boston is New England Cable News (NECN), the massive local cable news channel co-owned by Hearst (WCVB-TV there) and Comcast, where we presume he'll join the network's sports anchor rotation.

And Chandler's fiancee is apparently from the Boston area, and the pair has an upcoming wedding in the works as well.

We also caught the only on-air sportscaster remaining at WEWS after April 26th, Sue Ann Robak, make a quip Friday night - thanking her producer and an intern, if we remember right.

OK, Sue Ann - you're the only *on-air* sportscaster staying at 3001 Euclid...

With the Cavs in the playoffs, and Robak being the only sports anchor left, "NewsChannel 5" is going to have to find at least a second fill-in sports person - and quick. With the May sweeps looming, we hear it's going to be a tall order for WEWS to hire anyone permanent in the next couple of months.

They'd better at least get fill-in help, or Ms. Robak may have to use that producer and intern to physically hold her up, and stop her from falling over from exhaustion...

AND GOINGS...: Cleveland Plain Dealer media/radio/TV/moviemaking columnist Julie Washington has more on something else we reported in that item, the departure of WKYC/3 news director Mike McCormick.

McCormick tells Washington he was "tiring" of commuting between Cleveland and Jacksonville FL to "see his family", and denies that he was being thrown under the bus due to lower ratings at the local NBC affiliate.

Julie tells us that McCormick will be out of the building at 13th and Lakeside "before May sweeps", which, as we look at the calendar would be pretty much, well, very soon.

We'll do our best not to be skeptical here, but the timing seems pretty quick to us, particularly happening just days before an important sweeps ratings period...

AND GOINGS?: We are reminded by our comments that another local media departure has gone unreported.

And that's only because, well, we don't know anything about it.

But it does appear that Salem contemporary Christian WFHM/95.5 Cleveland "The Fish" is no longer featuring veteran voice Dan Deely in its afternoon drive position.

The move would seem to be confirmed by the "Fish" website's staff page, which shows Josh Booth in afternoons - and still shows Deely as host of the "Sunday Morning Celebration" from 8 AM to noon on Sunday.

But a click on the page for that Sunday show credits Salem's Glenn Mertz - presumably also voicetracking overnights on WFHM - as the host of "Celebration".

Meanwhile, Deely's own page still exists on the station's website, untouched from his time doing afternoon drive. And Josh Booth's WFHM staff page confirms his regular presence in the "Fish" afternoon drive slot.

And to further confuse matters, we've heard that Dan Deely's voice has still been heard doing production.

So, we just don't know. We'd appreciate any information about this - please, folks, E-Mail us privately if you can. We will be discreet and always.

And please, keep it "nice" in the comments...

DENNY REDUX: We reported here some time ago that former Clear Channel talk WSPD/1370 Toledo afternoon drive host Denny Schaffer had "landed" with a tryout at Dickey Broadcasting sports WCNN/680 Atlanta "The Fan", with a weekend show called "Denny Radio: Sports and More".

While Schaffer had always made it clear that the show was a tryout, we lost track. And looking for something else recently, we found out that the show apparently didn't continue past its first few tryouts.

Schaffer's name and bio are no longer on the WCNN website, and his own website's page with audio from the show has been moved into the "Past Shows" directory, with only one day's worth of audio from January 20th available.

It's not that the former WSPD host is completely out of the radio loop.

We missed it, but we're told Schaffer substituted last week for Premiere nationally syndicated host Glenn Beck (weekdays 9 AM-noon, WHLO/640 Akron, WEOL/930 Elyria and others).

A letter on Schaffer's E-Mail page from a former Toledo listener indicates that the host was heard doing Beck's radio show last Tuesday, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre.

Anyway, as we'll surely be asked after we post this, we don't know what the future is for one Mr. Schaffer and a permanent radio gig...


Anonymous said...

I hope Channel 5 finds some new sports anchors soon, because they can't stick with just Sue Ann Robak. Though she's excellent, I'm afraid she'll burn out before sweeps.

It's funny that Channel 3's news director is leaving after less than a year to be with family. I wonder why they didn't join him in the first place. Channel 3 looked like they were showing cracks, and maybe the ND and GM disagreed on how to do the news.

And with The Fish, why would they not report Dan Deely leaving. I think he was fired. Maybe the station wanted to boost ratings, but why would they want to keep his page up and list him under "Sunday Morning Celebration" even though someone else is hosting. The handling of Deely was horrible and it should have been handled better.

Anonymous said...

The shabby treatment of dismissed employees is nothing new.

I was laid off as part of a stationwide cutback some years ago. The station secretary was ordered to pretend she'd never heard of me. Friends called me at home and told me that she kept saying, "Who?? Who's that??"

A station in Pennsylvania was well known for firing people by placing the dismissed employee's belongings in a box with their final check and leaving it with the secretary. No manager would see the dismissed individual or tell them they were finished.

Another station insisted that the "name" of the jock on each shift remain the same, even if a new person was at the mic. That way, they never had to admit to a personnel change.

Is it any wonder that so many capable, talented people have walked away from the profession?

Could be True, could be crap said...

Look for Dan Dealy to resurface at Akron's WQMX in AM Drive.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dan could possibly replace Chris Fox at WDOK.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Dan will be doing the morning show on k-Rock starting in a few weeks. Rover's on the way out

Anonymous said...

Eddie Mularz should get the chance at the WDOK or WFHM afternoon gig. Eddie is great. Why doesn't someone give him a break?

Anonymous said...

That's not enough for Eddie. Roger Brown has to negotiate a network deal for Eddie.

Anonymous said...

As someone close to the Denny stay in Toledo, I can tell you that no one can afford him , if he seeks his previous salary, in Ohio let alone back in the Glass City. Denny has to stop reading his own press and get real or get out of the industry.

KevinGillman said...

poor Sue Ann, they are going to work her to death and if I were her I would consider sendng out my resumes to other places after Sweeps.

Eddie for WEWS said...

The demand for Eddie Mularz on Channel 5 Weekend sports is overwhelming give him the shot he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Weekends? For Eddie? No way! Make him Sports Director and lead sports anchor! After all, Eddie was the morning drive host on a 50,000-watt radio station. And Roger Brown said many times that Eddie deserves a chance.

Ronnie Duncan said...

I think Roger Brown and Eddie Mularz are too busy patting themselves on the back. Do you think they are the ones doing all this self promoting?

Anonymous said...

Sue Ann Robak is hot. Is she married? What more could you ask for? A hot woman who likes sports.

Michael Luczak said...

I think the Mike/Mike show on ESPN radio has suffered since Eddie Mularz has not been allowed to give the time and temperature...