Saturday, March 04, 2006

Adelphia Adds "Weather Plus"

Though it's likely not going to exist as a separate entity in about three months, the Adelphia Cleveland system has quietly been adding new channels...some with no fanfare.

The latest addition on Adelphia's digital cable lineup: WKYC/3's "NBC Weather Plus" feed, which OMW just noticed today on digital cable channel 183. The 24/7 weather feed had already been added to other local cable systems, and is also on WKYC's digital over-air channel (3.2). That is, if you're one of those lucky folks who can figure out how to get the proper antenna to pick up the DT 2 signal...the worst possible channel for digital TV.

(There is hope in that regard - WKYC has filed to take digital channel 17 when the analog-to-digital transition is complete, currently scheduled for February 2009. The channel would open when Trinity Broadcasting WDLI/17's analog signal shuts off, as WDLI will keep its current digital channel 39.)

It's the second local digital channel added in recent weeks by Adelphia. "The Ohio Channel" is right next door to Weather Plus on the Adelphia lineup at 181. That's a statewide public affairs channel carried via WVIZ/25's digital signal. WNEO/WEAO 45/49 also carry it on their digital signals.

Another recent Adelphia addition was previously reported exclusively right here on OMW - the "HD Bonus" channel (798), providing high definition feeds of FSN Ohio's Cleveland Cavaliers games.

Adelphia is also, as mentioned, negotiating separately with the Cleveland Indians' new SportsTime Ohio network. All of the above will continue when Time Warner Cable takes over Adelphia's Cleveland system, as TWC has Weather Plus, The Ohio Channel, the FSN Ohio HD feed and SportsTime Ohio already lined up.

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