Sunday, March 26, 2006

WHK's Advertising

No, a certain hot place is not freezing over...Salem talk WHK/1420 Cleveland is actually running a TV ad!

We first stumbled upon it tuning across the TV dial this morning. The commercial ran in a slot you would expect to be a prime buy for a conservative talk station...the FOX 8 broadcast of "FOX News Sunday". We saw it again this afternoon, though we're not sure we were too busy getting snapshots for OMW:

The spot is an overall promo for the station's lineup. With this kind of money being spent - assuming it's not a trade deal between WHK and WJW - we're wondering again if Salem will see fit to add popular ABC Radio afternoon drive talker Sean Hannity, who's certainly familiar to the audience likely to be found on FOX News Sunday. Salem's Boston talker, WTTT/1150, recently picked up Hannity, as reported earlier here...

Cleveland doesn't appear to be a huge market for radio stations doing TV ads. The only other spot we can recall that's running regularly is that "Wisdom of David Lee Roth" campaign for WNCX/98.5. About the only other time radio stations get TV plugs - the short bumpers like what WEWS/5 runs for the radio stations which run its forecasts...


Anonymous said...

Where have you been?

WEWS has been running WHK's TV spots for the past 7+ days. During the 7pm hour, even!

I almost screamed when I saw that hateful, nasty Laura Ingraham on my TV screen.

Ohio Media Watch said...

As noted, we don't really watch a lot of over-air TV here at the MBoF(tm). Our most frequent check-ins occur during local programming, and we hadn't seen the ad until today.

We're still wondering if anything froze over aside from Cleveland.


Jim(off Rt 18) Ohio said...

you said sean hannity but i think you mean to say pawn vannity

another waterboy for bush

being a good citizen, i am a conservative, but that does not mean i should have to listen to boring radio..

here are my choices for the most boring shows

1. the plant guy on wtam

2. the hammer guy on wtam

3. hush bimbo

4. lars larson

5. bob frantz

6. michael medved

7. bill (dubbed) wills

8. bob (i raise ya) bennet

9. mitch mcmonnel

10. laura ingraham (nothing hateful about her though i do find her boring)

Anonymous said...

I saw the WHK spot on Cops Saturday night, Lost this past Wednesday, in Entertainment Tonight and on one of the cable news nets, so it's almost certainly not trade. Speaking of Salem, I also saw WKNR ads on those electronic billboards last week.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the commercials would pay off for WHK.

The old WZJM during its Jammin' Oldies years had numerious television commercials to promote the station and its contests.

The station ended up switching to an alternative rock format as WXTM, which is now WXRK.

Anonymous said...

Theres nothing like seeing Greg Brinda's smiling mug on an electronic billboard on your way into downtown Cleveland in the morning...

Anonymous said...

'the CAT' shows Radio 1100 commercials all the time. Whether it's during Son of Ghoul or some other wonderous atrocity, I'm pretty sure 1100 is the only one paying the CAT's bills by showing their ugly DJ's on the screen.

Johnny Morgan said...

Those electronic billboards are owned by Clear Channel Outdoor (remember, now a spun-off company). This is a new phenomenon, because for the longest time, Salem's stations could only be found on the couple of Cleveland Outdoor Advertsising billboards around I-77/I-480.

Second, last I saw, the CAT wasn't playing 1100 commercials, but was playing 100.1 commercials--for the CAT'S co-owned money-factory FM, the Talk of Akron, Howie Chizek's home, WNIR.

raccoonradio said...

Laura Ingraham hateful or nasty? Maybe liberals consider her to be that way,
but I think she's witty, intelligent,
compelling, and she does have callers and guests from both sides of the spectrum. She's fought a valiant
battle against breast cancer; went to Iraq to interview our brave soldiers,
and is one of the highest rated
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