Sunday, March 19, 2006

And...We Forgot To Mention

We neglected to mention that OMW tipster Nathan Obral heard the mention of Rick Gilmour's upcoming two day appearance... in one of "Gilly's" last time slot homes: Saturday night.

The host? WMMS afternoon drive host "Maxwell"...who took part in a recent stunt with WTAM afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno, the two swapping stations.


It probably means little...


JimOhio said...

glad you are back.

it is good to have other radio professionals to bounce things off of.

while you were gone, some non radio professionals were taking shots at me..

remember.. i called it first!

i called it first..
called in "west of the cuyahoga"!

Anonymous said...

Even a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually.

Anonymous said...

OHH NOOOO...and I mean that in the very worst sense of the word. They've got Chuck Booms in the morning tryout slot today (Mon.). There is no guy (other than Triv) who is so FULL OF HIMSELF and spews such idiocy on-air. WTAM has officially sunk to an even lower depth than allowing Fart McCoy on Sunday nights.

PLEASE, CC, make this a one-and-done scenario...and run this guy out of Cleveland once and for ALL. Geez, they thought Springer was bad? This guy and his constant whine,"Rebuild the Twin Towers," is worse than dead-air! Yeah, Chuck, we'll give those terrorists another goal to shoot for...knocking down the buildings a 2nd time. What a jerk.

JimMedinaOhio said...

Bob Becker

doing a good job so far!

put becker on 9-12

dump hush bimbo

put triv on 12-3

note to other: more comments at

note to self: excellent comments