Thursday, March 16, 2006

On The Way Out The Door

As noted in an earlier entry, Your OMW Primary Editorial Voice is headed out of town once again... we're on the road from now until early next week. Since we're less electronically equipped than we have been in the past, our entries will be a bit spotty until about Tuesday, but we'll try to keep in touch.

As we prepare to head out, we hear that as expected, WOIO/19-WUAB/43 sports director Chuck Galeti is indeed the next square in the WTAM Mid-Morning Talk Checkerboard. We haven't had a chance to hear if Chuck has indicated he's "just sitting in" because he's an experienced WTAM fill-in host. Galeti, of course, is well-known to 'TAM listeners...he was the regular host of the station's "Sunday Morning Sports Page" for some time. As with the other folks filling the station's now-open mid-morning slot, he is not doing sports talk this morning.

While we're on the road, we should have the capability - despite being outside even the 50,000 watt flamethrower signal of WTAM (during the day) - to check in with the mid-morning talk rotation and update The Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) from time to time. We know right now that station fill-in and former WEWS/5 weatherman Brad Sussman will be on again next Wednesday, and though we wouldn't bet on it, it wouldn't be a surprise if WSPD/1370's Bob Frantz will be back on Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, here's hoping our absence from the market doesn't put anyone out of work, like seems to usually happen...and if it does, we're hoping it's not you...


JimOhio said...

Maybe i can fill in while you are gone.. being a radio professional tuned into both local and national radio..

few comments on galeti:
he seems to have lost a little of his humor and wit.. maybe his time was in the sun was brighter at a different time..

frantz.. = worst decision wtam can make if they bring him back..
the only show as boring as his was brad sussman or hush bimbo

and all 3 days so far people have called in about casino gambling..

give it up.. casino gambling is not going to happen and makes for boring radio.. boring.

it is not easy to be an interesting talk radio host..

takes more than a mic.

there is a talk show host, ed shultz on 1350

lib. sure..
and being a good citizen, i am not a lib ( i am productive)

but ed shultz is an interesting show....

i found springer interesting

i find triv intereting

bob becker

howie chizek

joe finan


those are interesting people

the following are boring hacks

- hush

- frantz

- sussman

- bill wills

- keven keane

- mark schwab

i cannot believe with the resources of wtam and cc they are messing around with duds like they are

Anonymous said...

It's just your opinion Jim.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

nice try jim, but you expose yourself as the lib you are when you refer to Rush as "hush bimbo" and admit that you liked Springer. The guys you criticized have been phenomenally successful and you call them hacks.

you sound like a frustrated wanna-be that can only take pleasure by criticizing others whose opinions you don't share

JimMedina said...

ummmm, you sound like

1. a bush bot

2. a water boy for bush

3. drunken from the republican koolaid

facts are the following

1. hush bimbo is a bush bot

2. hush bimbo is a water boy for bush

3. hush bimbo has drank from the republican koolaid

so you may be hush bimbo yourself.

and yes i can find a lib talk show interesing

the fact that you cannot undertand this shows how much of a hush bimbo fan you are

want more facts?

hush's rating are down big time

michael savage canned the term
hush bimbo

savage would clean bimbo' clock

savage = gaining listeners

bimbo = losing millions

hush = boring

savage = intererest

joe finan = interesting

howie chizek = interesting

bob becker = interesting

bill wills = boring

so if that is too difficult for you to grasp, the summary is a show can be interesting, wheter hosted by a lib or a conservative or something in between

but a show hosted by a bush bot like hush bimbo, or you is as boring as your posts on this board are

JimOhio said...

i was right

wtam is planning to have gilly on thursday and friday..

seeya bob (mudhen)frantz

seeya brad zzzzzzzzzman

seeya chuck (another time, anohter day) galeti

time for the former host from
"the pinwheel up the dial"