Thursday, March 09, 2006


A heads up about this one. It's a post from Allan Sniffen, owner of the popular New York Radio Message Board, with a rumor that would appear to be somewhat unconfirmed.

We only post it here because, well, it's interesting...and Sniffen at least seems to be connected to the New York City radio rumor mill.

Sniffen says the rumor would have former CBS/Infinity afternoon bad boys Opie & Anthony, now heard on XM Satellite Radio, return to over-air radio to take over for embattled Howard Stern replacement David Lee Roth "in multiple markets". He cautions that it's just a rumor at this time, and it's not something he believes "positively is going to happen"...he says it *may* happen.

The rumor is that O&A would continue their show on XM, and that it'd be sort of a joint venture between CBS and the satellite company - presumably with the show continuing to air uncensored in its XM incarnation, while the over-air version would air on the "Free FM" stations carrying it.

He also doesn't have any details on the "multiple markets" involved, though one presumes that Cleveland would be on the list. O&A did quite well in the ratings in their brief stint in afternoon drive on then-WXTM/92.3, now WXRK "K-Rock". And Cleveland is one of DLR's markets. So WTAM/1100 afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno can continue to breathe, we'll remind the 'TAMers that this rumor would involve morning drive, not afternoons.

Again, just a rumor at this point with no confirmation, though Sniffen certainly has his ear to the NYC radio rumor mill. It's just something to think about at this point...


Anonymous said...

O&A going back to terrestrial radio? God I hope not! They are much better without the FCC restrictions than they were on FM. Plus I think they are happier now than they were on FM, and making more money too.

Ohio Media Watch said...

As the rumor goes, O&A would stay on XM and do their show as they do it now.

CBS Radio would air an over-air (presumably censored as before) version of the XM show as a simulcast.

O&A declined to comment on the rumor in today's AllAccess, but have been making noises on their show that could well fit this...we'll see.

El Kabong said...

Wow. If true, one more reason for me to not bother turning on the FM dial in the morning.

I look forward to the O&A "Tour of Historic Churches."

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if this happened. Cleveland radio is sh1tty as F@#% in the mornings. I thank DLR for turning me onto NPR followed by Springer on the Radio. But now that Springer got cancelled from WTAM I think I'll just stick to my iPod.