Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Maybe FSN and WKNR Are Serious About This "Rants" Show?

We almost forgot to mention the display ad we spotted in the sports section of yesterday's Akron Beacon Journal:

A similar ad appears in today's Beacon Journal, and we presume it's running in the Plain Dealer's sports section as well...


Anonymous said...

KNR and FSN Ohio ARE VERY serious about this show...

If they weren't, FSN wouldnt be spending money to build studios inside their Brecksville/Broadview Heights headquarters.

The Beacon Journal ad DID run in todays edition of the PD - in the sports section as OA expected.

KNR host Neil Bender - not quite as well known as Les Levine in this market - appeared on FSN Ohio's Cavs pregame show tonight.

Les and Neil have been working together all week "practicing" for their debut on Sunday. Each mock broadcast has come following a Tribe spring training game and word has it that the two are developing a solid chemistry.

Mr. Bender did look a little bit nervous on his FSN TV debut tonight but we'll chalk that up to having NO TV experience. This OMW reader fully expects Les to be on his game (as he normally is) and Neil to surprise with his optimism and humor come thier first show on Sunday evening.

Johnny Morgan said...

Anyone find it odd that this ad was in the Akron Leaking Urinal--where WKNR's signal is spotty at best at night--when most of these post-game shows will be?