Monday, March 27, 2006

Inflicting Triv On The Nation - Again?

A month ago, XM Satellite Radio added Clear Channel Cincinnati talk WLW/700 - the original CC "Big One" - to its lineup on channel 173.

Today, XM announced that it'll add a whole suite of regional news/talk channels later this year, programmed by Clear Channel. From today's lineup announcement:
Regional News, Talk & Music Channels
XM 134 - Northeast News & Talk
XM 135 - Southeast News & Talk
XM 136 - Middle America News & Talk
XM 137 - Midwest News & Talk
XM 138 - Northwest News & Talk
XM 139 - Southwest News & Talk
The "Music" part refers to existing - and some new - Clear Channel-programmed XM music channels that will be lumped in the same category. XM is taking great pains to separate the Clear Channel content in its lineup, since those channels - including music channels - will start carrying commercials in May. XM's "in-house" music channels, including the new ones they'll launch next month, remain commercial-free.

Of course, Clear Channel has to provide content for these six new news/talk channels, and we presume it will come from existing local news and talk shows on its over-air stations. Thus, we would not at all be surprised to hear content from WTAM, and Columbus' WTVN/610, on XM 137...or wherever they decide Ohio lands regionally. (From the graphic in the XM lineup, it looks like "Middle America" means Texas and that part of the country.)

Another possible contributor to the "Midwest" channel would be Clear Channel talk blowtorch WHAS/840 Louisville KY. WLW, of course, is off by itself on XM 173...and the new lineup shows them still there.

We mention WTAM afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno in our headline because he was part of the original lineup on one of XM's Clear Channel-programmed talk outlets. His show aired on the satellite service for two hours, on a two hour delay.

We also would not be surprised to see them pick up new WTAM host Bob Frantz for the "Midwest" channel, as WTVN airs Premiere's Glenn Beck in the mid-morning slot. We're making the pretty simple assumption that none of the syndicated programming (Rush Limbaugh, Beck, etc.) will air on these channels.

XM's fleet of new music stations will debut on April 17th, and the new Clear Channel regional news/talk stations will show up sometime during the spring or summer.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to sign up for Sirius.
I brought a satellite radio to get way from the monopolistic, propaganistic, pollution that saturates the airwaves. Now this corporate poison is invading XM. What a joke. Sirius is now the only answer!

Anonymous said...

No need to move over to Sirius. Since XM seems to be grouping their "Clear Channel Channels" together, just avoid them by sticking to their other part of XM's channels.

lovethebiz said...

Have you noticed...more and more we're hearing about commercials on satellite radio. It won't be long until the floodgates open. They've got to claw their way out of the red ink some how. Subscriptions and deals with auto manufacturers won't sustain their product alone, especially with the extremely pricey pro-sports contracts and talk talents they are attracting.
Terrestrial radio should respect the threats that Satellite radio poses, however, the bigger threat is further down the pike: Internet radio. Hell, even Cleveland is wi-fi ready. It won't be long till we can walk around and listen to internet radio stations anywhere, anytime on something as small as your.......cellphone. Even Satellite is worried about internet radio.

Ben said...

XM is way better. At least for me, because I get baseball.

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