Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The WTAM Mid-Morning Talk Parade Continues

WSPD/1370 Toledo evening talk host Bob Frantz wrapped up his two-day stint opening up the WTAM "live and local" mid-morning talk show slot this week, saying that he hoped he'd be able to return "sometime down the road".

We haven't heard any official word on who will do the rest of the week, or beyond, but we're hearing some expected names being bandied about.

Among the names - regular Triv substitute and former WEWS/5 weatherman Brad Sussman, and WOIO/19-WUAB/43 sports director and former WTAM weekend sports talk host Chuck Galeti. We've had no confirmation that either be on the air from 9-11:30 AM this week, but their regular presence on WTAM means we wouldn't be surprised to hear one or both of them.

We do wonder, though, if Galeti in particular will mount any number of non-sports topics, as it's been made clear by Frantz in his first two days that the WTAM show won't be "Sportsline Midday"...it'll talk about sports issues if they are on people's minds, but it won't be a discussion of which tackle the Browns should pick up. It'll be a general issues/topics talk show, not a sports talk show.

We suppose Sussman would be the second most likely candidate after Frantz to take the regular gig, unless there's someone waiting in the wings at Oak Tree who we don't know about. We also doubt WTAM would bring in an out-of-town host for what they're trying to do.

And while technically, Frantz now works in Toledo, he has station and Cleveland history, so he counts as a local for the purposes of this speculation. We mean that we don't believe WTAM would import a host from a market far away, outside Ohio.

Want some OMW handicapping of Who May Be The Host? We'd put Frantz at even money, Sussman at 10-1 against, Galeti at 25-1 against, and "other" at 100-1 against. But unless you're Salem-WHK/1420 syndicated morning host Bill Bennett, don't go to the betting window with those odds...they're just based on our gut feeling...


Anonymous said...

Galetti! Galetti! We want Chuck!

He's so much better than Triv when he subs for the slob! We're actually able to listen to the station without that windbag and his "Ah, ah, uh, uh, uh, you, you, you,..." OMG...the guy is GRATING. How poor Alison puts up with him is beyond me.

Give the morning slot to Chuck, and watch the rating soar. He's so likeable and knowledgable on many subjects, as we've heard during his guest-stints.

And hey, Winslow Sr. (another waste of a human being) doesn't like him...WHAT A PLUS FOR THE GOOD GUYS!

Anonymous said...

Don't count out Galetti - He's much smoother on-air than Frantz and has expressed a desire in the past to get out of doing strictly sports and delve into the world of news. The 9-11:30 timeslot would be a perfect opportunity for Galetti to expand out of sports into news and politics in the creative medium of talk radio.

I put Sussman as a distant third if this is in fact a three horse race. Brad is a quality moderator - see his fill-ins on Trivs show. He does a good job of keeping a program moving and jumping from element to element. At the same time, Brad does not possess the type of vibrant personality that Galetti and Frantz have going for them. I just think Brad, although a talented broadcaster, lacks the energy and personality necessary to host a personality-driven talk show.

JimOhio said...

you are both wrong

you are both incorrect

you are both off base

here is the truth

1. frantz is done..
thanks to me i made sure he does not come back.. he is a boring hack

2. galeti is not going to get the gig.. he has a lead anchor at 19

3. sussman is a boring hack.
granted not as boring as bob frantz but that is hard to be that boring

4. here is the scoop on the best candidate for the job

well let me just say this..

it will be a call from "east of the cuyahoga"

note to wtam: dump hush bimbo next

Anonymous said...

WGST in Atlanta did the same thing last year and brought in some big names. They ended putting Denny Schaffer in the slot and he's bombing big time.

Anonymous said...

Galetti! Always told me and Joe G. Fail to succede. Fail To succede!!!