Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bye, Bye Tiffany Burns

This one's been bounced around the local rumor mill for a while, but it's official, according to the Plain Dealer's Julie Washington - WOIO/19-WUAB/43 weekend anchor Tiffany Burns is heading back home to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Washington reports - in an item that apparently only has appeared on the PD's Entertainment blog - that Burns worked her last day at the Raycom Media CBS/UPN combo on Thursday.

The former fashion model-turned-TV newsie wasn't very forthcoming about her future away from the TV news business, but doesn't rule out a return to TV at some point. She called her now former home of "19 Action News" "hard core and intense", and says her time at Reserve Square "sharpened up (her) game a lot".

Just above that item on the blog, Washington notes the arrival of new WTAM/1100 mid-morning talker Bob Frantz. He calls his new gig "an honest-to-God dream come true", and tells Washington the response has been "fantastic".

And in a story that did apparently appear in today's Dead Trees edition of the PD, the radio/TV columnist calls CBS hot AC WQAL/104.1 morning host Allan Fee on the carpet...for a staged bit between a "pregnant wife" and her "unfaithful husband". The PD stumbled upon it, apparently, because one of its staffers appeared on the Friday morning "Wilde and Fee" show.

OK...not everything you hear on morning radio is true. Imagine that! We're just not sure what the point of the segment was...aside from getting Q104 and "Wilde and Fee" in the newspaper...

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Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that Allan Fee had decided to stage a situation between the "pregnant wife" and the "cheating husband". I never thought he would reach that low just to get ratings and publicity.

If I was the PD, I would think about get a new co-host for Rebecca Wilde, because I have a feeling Allan is not going to stay too long. Time will tell.

As for Tiffany Burns, I wish her well. I noticed that two or three weeks before her departure, Tiffany was demoted to reporter while Catherine Bosley is now anchoring on weekends.

It looks like 19/43 may have to look for a new weekend to replace both Tiffany and Ryan Andrews now that they're both gone.