Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mark Koontz Update

WFMJ/21 Youngstown's web site says meteorologist Mark Koontz has been released from the hospital today, and is recovering at home and "feels good".

We're still piecing together what happened to Koontz - the Youngstown Vindicator article on his health problems is now hidden behind a subscriber wall, and frankly, the Vindicator is generally not worth reading even for free. But it does appear that Koontz did suffer an apparent stroke during a recent newscast.

WFMJ says there's no word yet on when Koontz will be back on the air at the Youngstown NBC affiliate.

The station's web site has an E-Mail link and an address for people to send well wishes.


Anonymous said...

woah...this new blog template isn't very appealing, bring back the old one!! Looked much better before.

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing Mark Koontz on WJW-8
as I can not receive WFMJ 21 from where I live
He is back on the air from his, stroke at his amazingly young age??