Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This just in tonight from the folks at AllAccess: the popular radio trade site reports that CBS Radio syndicated morning man David Lee Roth (WNCX/98.5 locally) will not be on the air tomorrow.

That's not a big deal, we guess, unless you consider that all of his affiliates have been informed to cover the morning drive slot locally on Wednesday. CBS Radio will apparently NOT be feeding any substitute program to the DLR stations, including WNCX, flagship WFNY/92.3 New York City, and affiliates in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston and West Palm Beach.

This is all we know about this so far, and we don't know what WNCX is going to air in about 6 hours and change from now. We'd expect an appearance by PD Bill Louis, but that's just a guess...

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