Thursday, July 27, 2006


OMW hears from inside the CBS Radio compound that classic rock WNCX/98.5 Cleveland will be muddying up its mornings, as rumored on various message boards for some time.

In specific, we hear that the incoming morning drive host will be "Mudd"...the one-time WWWM/"M105" host also known as "J. Mudcliff". (We're not sure what form the name of his liquified dirt will take at WNCX.)

For now, we have no details on who will be paired with him in morning drive on WNCX. Mudd was among the parade of auditioners that 98.5 has aired in the slot once occupied by Howard Stern, which was vacated when CBS Radio cancelled Stern replacement David Lee Roth earlier this year.

Mudd's audition was with Kathy Vogel, the former morning co-host at Canton top 40 outlet WZKL/92.5 "Q92" - who's also picked up part-time work at WNCX's CBS Radio Cleveland sister hot AC outlet WQAL/104.1 "Q104". Q also hired Vogel's Canton co-host, Tim Richards, as their night personality.

But OMW hears Vogel may or may not be a part of the new morning show on WNCX...

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Anonymous said...

His audition was great. I just hope that WNCX has a bigger plan than "lets relive the past every morning".