Friday, July 07, 2006

Cincinnati Fallout - And A Shot Across The Bow

OMW hears that Clear Channel Cincinnati sports "Homer, The Sports Animal" did indeed make its move to 1530 AM today.

We've also heard that the station is indeed, as OMW suspected, simulcasting on both its new home of WCKY/1530, and its old home of WSAI/1360, today. The simulcast started at just after 6 this morning, when "Homer" introduced itself and its airstaff to 1530 AM's listeners...and noted that "soon, you'll be able to hear 'The Revolution of Talk Radio,' Jerry Springer and Ed Schultz on 1360 AM".

This was followed, we're told, by frequent announcements that WSAI/1360 will break off from the "Homer" simulcast at midnight tonight, when it would begin airing the liberal talk format heard until today on 1530 AM.

The most interesting part of today's events comes not on the web stream or on the air, but on the website of "Springer on the Radio", posted by show co-host/sidekick Jene Galvin:

Today Cincinnati listeners will hear - for this day only - a sports format on our former signal, 1530 AM. Starting tonight at midnight, Springer on the Radio and the other progressive lineup will switch to 1360 AM in Cincinnati. Today only, the sports lineup is being broadcast on both 1530 AM and 1360 AM. Our Cincinnati listeners can tune in to our show online for today.

We've gotten some contacts this morning asking about the two local sports talk show hosts doing the morning show, especially since they're taking shots at liberal talk on the air. Here's their story: They've been on the air in Cincinnati talking sports since 1997, for nine years, and have built a tiny audience at best over that time period. Let that fact speak for itself and their amateurish attitude toward our format on the air today.


Since this morning's announcement, we note that the liberal talk format's web stream - now at - is still intact, with now home for "1530 Homer" and the sports format's web stream.

At this hour, we're hearing Air America host Sam Seder subbing for Al Franken on, and John Feinstein subbing for Jim Rome on

OMW has no idea where 1530's long-running paid religious programming block will run starting tonight at midnight. It's historically been attached to whatever format runs on 1530, due to that station's blowtorch nighttime signal...


Anonymous said...

When will these guys wise up and dump the money-squandering endeavor that is liberal talk radio?

Understand this: liberal talk radio has not caught on, not anywhere, even in blue-state big union cities like Cleveland, because liberalism is way too far from the mainstream of America.

America hates liberalism, and if you ever need more proof, look at liberal radio's ratings in any and every major market in the country.

Hell, in New York and San Francisco, two liberal havens, Rush and Savage are beating Air America type shows 4-to-1.

Give it up, liberals. You're dangerous and no one wants to hear from you anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd be throwing any stones if I was in the Springer on the Radio camp... but that's just me. -dever

raccoonradio said...

In Mass., all 10 Reps and both Senators are Dems, as are about 98 per cent of other office holders (the GOP
does have the governorship...for now).
How does AAR do there? 0.4, 0.6 if they're lucky. Conservatalkers on
the likes of WRKO and WTKK get much higher ratings.

Some liberals probably don't mind tuning into conservative shows even if it makes their blood boil. Some may like NPR instead. But they don't
seem to be giving AAR much of their attention--as some have said, angry, poorly done radio that doesn't
attract much of anyone from any part of
the political spectrum, other than
the far left

The Cincinnati LIberal said...

Wow, look at all the hatemongering fascist daddy-complex right wingers here. What do you guys do, cruise around all day and look for people to attach that are not currently marching in lock step with the our fearless failed pres? As usual, you have nothing substansive to say.... you just attack the messenger... I particularily like "You're dangerous and no one wants to hear from you anymore." Funny how it seems that all the polls would paint a different picture.