Monday, July 24, 2006

CONFIRMED: Joncich to WOIO/WUAB For Weekend Anchoring

OMW has been hearing rumblings that Raycom Media's WOIO/19-WUAB/43 is bringing in new faces to anchor the weekend editions of "19 Action News", and we've confirmed the coming arrival at least one of those faces.

Reliable sources in California tell OMW that former KOVR/13 (CBS) Sacramento anchor Paul Joncich, who left the station amid recent changes caused by the network buying that affiliate, is coming to "19 Action News" to anchor weekend newscasts.

OMW has also heard rumors of Joncich being paired with an incoming female co-anchor, which would displace current "Action News" weekend anchor Catherine Bosley to solely a reporting role. We have not been able to confirm those rumors, though.

In what may be a piece of useless trivia, Joncich's former co-anchor at KOVR, Jennifer Whitney, is a Cleveland native. The long-time anchor team at the Sacramento CBS outlet was replaced in a network overhaul of its new O&O in that market...


Anonymous said...

According to the Plain Dealer, Paul will be paired up with Danielle Sorino, who had last anchored in Chicago. She will start on August 16. Both Paul and Danielle will voids left by Ryan Andrews and Tiffany Burns when they left in January and March respectively.

Ryan and Tiffany would have been together if he had not left. Paul and Danielle now have the honor of being 19/43's first weekend anchor team since January 2002 when Rick Jackson and Alicia Booth were last together.

Anonymous said...

Channel 5 also has a new face on weekends. His name is Jason Nicholas. He replaced Mike Stone on the weather, and started in June. His bio is at under Weather.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the start of 19 action news saturady morining? I know not for the two new hires, but for someone there? I do think it is odd for a lare market like Cleveland to have only one Saturday Morning newscast yet other markers like Pittsburgh have 3. I should say on Sunday's 3, 5, and 19 have newscasts. I do know thatwhen ch 8 was CBS they had news on both weekend morinings and at noon on the weekends but they dropped it af the switch to Fox. Here is Sam Fulwood III Tuesday opinion from the plain dealer: