Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Blog Post Brought To You By...No One

Not to be outdone by its talk radio sister station at Oak Tree, OMW hears that Clear Channel Cleveland's WMJI/105.7 is also selling sponsorship to its broadcast facility.

The oldies station is now said to be broadcasting from "Your Northern Ohio Chrysler and Jeep Dealers studio", which also nets the dealer group a line on the WMJI website.

OMW reported yesterday that sister talk WTAM/1100 is now airing a sponsor billboard for its newsroom, the bill footed by FirstEnergy's The Illuminating Company and Ohio Edison.

(UPDATE 7/27/06 5:38 PM: We have also just heard a non-news "studios" liner - with the same sponsorship - on WTAM...)

It's not new, as we've also reported. In addition to the bank sponsorship of Clear Channel newsrooms in Milwaukee and Madison WI, the company's talk WLW/700 "The Big One" in Cincinnati broadcasts from "The John Morrell sponsored 700 WLW studios". John Morrell and Company is a meat products firm based in Cincinnati.

And Premiere/Clear Channel-operated FOX Sports Radio's studio in Los Angeles has been sponsored for a long time, by auto-parts chain AutoZone...


Anonymous said...

Does clear channel get paid for the naming rights or is it package if you agree to purshase so much airtime/sponser so many events? It is not the browns,cavs,and indians pre,post,and half time portions are named with various companies eventhough it seems a bit much to name everything after a business.

Ohio Media Watch said...

These are basically extended, regular sponsor billboards.

For years, advertisers have been able to buy sponsor billboards for individual newscasts. ("This news brought to you by...") This is the logical extension of that, an ongoing sponsor billboard for regular mentions... in the case of WMJI, studio mentions, and in the case of WTAM, news mentions.

In the latter, the mentions are at least 48 per day, once at top of the hour, once at bottom of the hour, as WTAM does 24/7 local newscasts.