Monday, July 31, 2006

Casey's Back

We'd heard about this, and have confirmed it from the WTAM/1100 website.

Veteran sports voice Casey Coleman returns to the WTAM morning show that bears his name tomorrow, August 1st.

"Wills and Coleman" producer "Scooter" posts the word officially on his show recap page. We hear that Casey was on with substitute host Brad Sussman this morning to announce his return.

The "Casey Update" page on says Coleman has been getting "plenty of exercise" and walks three miles a day...hoping to return to the Browns Radio Network sideline reporting job this year.

Here at your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm), we don't even get up to three miles a day in our walk... and we don't have pancreatic cancer!

Casey's also apparently a regular visitor to the Browns training camp, which started last week.

We are continually inspired by his dedication, and his will to continue enjoying both his life and his work in the face of a terminal cancer diagnosis. If there's justice in this world, Casey will only leave this earth after the Browns win the Super Bowl next February. Or, the following year. get the idea.

OK, so maybe some miracles are too much to ask for...but we'd surely enjoy that...


Mike Wolfe said...

Terrific news. Casey is one of those professionals who never had a bad thing to say about anyone in the business. I'm pretty confident that nobody in the business has anything bad to say about Casey.


Mike Wolfe.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Casey.