Saturday, July 29, 2006


We're just three days away from the expected takeover of the local Adelphia and Comcast systems by Time Warner Cable, and the company's unleashing a promotional blitz.

Customers are getting letters in the mail about the change, and the company's launched a new website called "TWCusoon" to help explain the changes to those leaving the Adelphia and Comcast universe in Northeast Ohio (and in other areas where TWC is taking over the local Adelphia and/or Comcast systems). Putting in a local ZIP code takes you to the site aimed at new TWC customers in the Cleveland market.

There's actually not a lot of information there...even under the "FAQs" section. That area hints of possible channel changes, which OMW is told are actually listed in a newspaper ad today we haven't been able to see.

OMW reported earlier that it appears the NFL Network and some other Adelphia (and Comcast) channels could go away as soon as Tuesday, and that customers of the merged-in systems could also gain some channels that are not currently available. We're still not sure of the timeline, or if it'll happen as soon as next week.

We also don't know if Adelphia and Comcast customers will see immediate changes in local programming, either with existing programming (i.e. Adelphia's "More Sports and Les Levine") or with TWC's incoming programming (i.e. WKYC/3's "Akron/Canton News").

Other stuff doesn't appear to change for now, including involving the future conversion of high-speed Internet subscribers to the TWC "Roadrunner" system, conversion of E-Mail addresses, and any billing changes...


Anonymous said...

Only thing I know is that they are adding some HD programming that Adelphia was lagging on in Tuscarawas County and they are dropping ESPNU on Digital because of contract agreements haven't been reached with TWC.
Lets Hope for the best from TWC. It hasn't been the case with Local Customer Service reps in the the offices of New Philadelphia through the last few companies


Anonymous said...

It baffles me about the NFL Network situation. TWC knew which Adelphia franchises they'd be gaining in the area. If their marketing people did their homework they also had to realize that no matter what deal they have with the Cleveland Indians cable outlet Sportstime Ohio that this city and area are football crazy. Not exploring NFL Network talks beforehand (perhaps prohibited by the agreement or law) was idiotic. They have until the first ball is kicked off in the regular season to get their tookes in gear or the DirecTV system that I now primarily use for the NFL Sunday ticket will be made permanent and TWC can come get their boxes and DVRs.

Ohio Media Watch said...

You'd think so, but there's more to this.

These deals are basically company-wide. The MSOs negotiate with the cable channel, and come to an agreement for all their systems.

TWC has yet to do so with the NFL Network nationwide, though they're supposedly negotiating. There's nothing the local TWC cluster can do to add NFL Network, and apparently, they are not able to inherit the rights from Adelphia.

Thus, the changes. It's more than just Cleveland.


Scott said...

TWC has until the first preseason games begin (NFL Network carries them all), if they don't have the channel by that date, which is 8/10, then I'm jumping to Direct TV. Simple as that. I've called them twice, no one there nor Comcast seems to have any clue. The lady I spoke with said she had at least 50 calls from NE Ohio about NFL Network. I told her, expect more, the Browns play the Steelers on the channel this year, and if it's not carried locally, you may lose every customer that can leave. She just laughed. I was completely polite to her, but she was rude. I guess she's just got the same call too many times today.