Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This Is... Not... CBS... At Least For 115 People

In what some trade publications are calling "Black Wednesday", CBS Radio had one of those periods of corporate indigestion...and fired some 115 people company-wide today.

CBS Radio chief Joel Hollander said he could have saved money if he hadn't have wasted millions on David Lee, no, he actually said "reducing headcount is never easy" in a corporate memo obtained by the trade press and reported in AllAccess, Radio & Records Online and on the Reuters news wire.

Hollander said the cutbacks affect a small percentage of CBS Radio's 8500 full-time and part-time employees, and were needed "to position us for further growth in a changing business".

[oomph!] Whew. That was tough, extricating ourselves from Corporate Speak!

AllAccess lists a number of managers and programmers out in the company's largest markets, from some general managers to mid-level sales managers, and a program director or three.

OMW hears that the CBS Radio cluster in Cleveland may have been spared in the employment bloodletting out of the company, and in fact, a morning drive voice in that cluster may have just signed a contract renewal...


Anonymous said...

"Cluster." There's an appropriate word.

Anonymous said...

The Cleveland cluster was definitely not spared. They lost 2 full-timers.

Anonymous said...

If they're going to eliminate people at CBS, I suggest they eliminate Mr. Hollander, who has decimated the three CBS New York City FMs, shown his true (and rather unpleasant) colors in Robert Feder's (Chicago Sun-Times) radio column, and probably makes more than all of the 115 terminated employees combined.