Friday, July 21, 2006

WOIO Wants to Talk to Mom

In the ongoing saga of Raycom Media's WOIO/19 and its loss of the Browns pre-season contract, the next reported move of the local CBS affiliate is to try to talk to Randy Lerner's mother.

Cleveland Plain Dealer sports/media columnist Roger Brown reports that WOIO/WUAB general manager Bill Applegate is seeking a meeting with Norma Lerner, mother of Browns owner Randy Lerner, and widow of late owner Al an effort to stop the loss of Browns rights.

We aren't very good with business protocol, frankly. But to us, this sounds almost like a move of desperation on WOIO's part...and how will trying to "go over the head" of Randy Lerner by appealing to his mother help?

Besides, we'd guess that she'd possibly be even more incensed about the station's airing of that 911 call than Randy would. What mother and grandmother is going to cut a tabloid TV station a break by overturning her son's decision in a matter that greatly affects the family?

Brown also hints that WOIO "will take legal action" to try to stop the Browns from ending the team's TV rights contract. Good luck with that, Reserve Square. See our earlier note about NFL lawyers...

Brown has no information regarding the market-wide rumors we heard yesterday...that Raycom Media executives hopped on a plane to Cleveland to talk about the Browns mess.

Our "gut feeling" prediction: If Bill Applegate is not able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and keep the Browns TV rights, Bill Applegate becomes the former general manager of "Cleveland's CBS 19" and WUAB/43...


Anonymous said...

What are they thinking? I'm sorry why aren't they thinking? How will talking to his mother going to change anything. I mean she if anyone would be VERY UPSET over all of this. But it is atleast nice to know that someone thinks this will work. Unless Raycom has money to lay around to give to the family's charities or foundation this is just plain insane.

Anonymous said...

If it is Norma Lerner's granddaughter who passed away then we have offically reached a new level of stupidity and someone at that station is smokin some good drugs. I don't see the logic but then again I did not allow a anchor to pose nude for the 11'oclock news and care it art so I might be missing something like common sense and reasoning, two things that are not needed to be employed at 19 Action News.

Anonymous said...

This saga is funnier than ANY comedy 19 or 43 airs! Cryin' to Mama Lerner, because little Randy took their toy!! Ha ha ha ha.

Applegate & Co. are the laughingstock of all Northeast Ohio, and no doubt beyond. Why, in the name of common decency, would the Lerners (or ANYONE) want to deal with that childish, inane operation?

Naked anchors...ambush (or is it just "bush") reporters...sorry programming...and mismanagement all around. Yeah, I'm sure dear old Mrs. Lerner will fix all your boo-boo's, Bill! :)

Anonymous said...

How exactly would that conversation go...:

"Uh, hello, Mrs. Lerner? Billy here. Um, I aired your family's dirty laundry, exploited your daughter's horror and grief...and made your son verrrrrry mad at me. Can you make it all better?"


Anonymous said...

And what does Mr.Applegate expect Mom to do? Send Randy to bed without his supper?

Anonymous said...

Always run to mommy,

Poor WOIO, It's gone to pot.

I see a sale coming soon or recommend just giving both license to the FCC.(WUAB/WOIO).

Reminds me of RadioShack.
Once a good company but no more!!

Anonymous said...

I think a larger point is being missed...NO family should be put through having 9-1-1 calls put on the air.

Why were the Browns doing business with a station that does this as standard practice? Or is the Lerner family so arrogant as to think that rich people are the only ones who have feelings?