Sunday, July 30, 2006

Browns TV Team Shaping Up?

OMW passed along a report earlier this week that former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar will be in the TV booth as color commentator for the team's pre-season games this year - no matter which local TV station airs the four games next month.

Kosar wouldn't tell reporters who will join him in that booth this year, but it appears this year's play-by-play voice on TV is likely to be a name from the team's broadcast past.

In a Thursday story on Kosar's new TV job, Lake County News-Herald Browns beat reporter Jeff Schudel says that though it "hasn't been confirmed", it appears Jim Mueller will be the TV play-by-play voice on the Browns' locally televised pre-season contests this year.

Yes, that Jim Mueller. The former WJW/8 sports anchor was a fixture on the Browns Radio Network for two decades, from the mid-70's as a solo color commentator alongside Gib Shanley, to sharing the microphone with current radio analyst and ex-Brown Doug Dieken for much of the 80's and 90's.

That means Mueller was in the Browns radio booth over Kosar's entire career as a Browns quarterback.

We've lost track of him, but it appears that among other things, Mueller has been doing public address announcing at major auto racing tracks, including Michigan International Speedway and Daytona Speedway.

There's no word on if a third voice will join Mueller and Kosar in the Browns TV booth this year...


Anonymous said...

Let's give it up for the ole' Gibber

74WIXYgrad said...

Isn't Jim Muller also the voice of Ed Mulinax Ford?

Anonymous said...

I once watched Mueller drive in the 24 Hours of Nelson sports car race at Nelson Ledges. I wondered what he'd been doing.

Anonymous said...

Dude's got a real "attitude" off-the-air. Wonder if his playcalling skillz have, uh...diminshed? He and the Kose can discuss.

Anonymous said...

Jim Muller was the pitchman for Mullinax ("east in Wickliffe, west in Amherest") Ford until the chain was sold to AutoNation USA in 1998, IIRC.

Today, he's the "voice" for Pat O'Brien Cheverolet. Incidentally enough, he's using the same classic bumper music that is still synonymous with his Mullinax ads!