Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ashtabula Format Change

OMW hears that Clear Channel Ashtabula hot AC WZOO/102.5 "102 ZOO" has flipped to a top 40 format.

We don't know exactly when it happened, but we believe it was within the past week or so. The 102 ZOO website is now headed "Your Hit Music Station", and WZOO keeps its name and call letters.

The station put up an online "survey", and that page now reads:

We have received tons of e-mails from you about changing the sound of 102 ZOO. So after begging and crying to management, paying off our creditors, checking with our attorneys, again checking with our attorneys, and finally checking with our attorneys....we have made the change!

However we still want to hear from you! What is your take on the New 102 ZOO?

We're unaware of any staff changes as a result of the format change.

"102 ZOO" has been running Dallas-based syndicated morning host Kidd Kraddick for some time now, and we didn't know WZOO's lineup before this week beyond that.

Oh, and we chuckled at the invitation on the 102 ZOO website to "Work at the ZOO". We thought all radio stations were zoos...


Anonymous said...

"...and if you see OMW around town, tell him to have a ZOOriffic day!" :-)

Anonymous said...

In other format flip news, it seems that WAKS has flipped their HD-2 side channel to some kind of underground dance format called "Trancid." It's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

ellI used to remember some guy on the station named Jeff Leppard. I wonder if he still works there

VODood said...

I did PM Drive at WZOO-FM late 95-96, while working part-time at WMJI. Fun time. Mark Allen was AM drive. He's been at WREO for years. Once worked at the old POWER 108/Cleveland.

Then WZOO owner John Bulmer (nicknamed Harpo Marx) was interesting. Self-made millionaire a few times over. Sold to WREO who then sold to CC.

I recall the van at the time not having a floor on the passenger side. Fumes were horrendous. We used consumer grade cd players (3 stacked), rotary board, 3 deck cart machine and a CAD mic. CAD of course made in nearby Conneaut OH. Station VO was Bumper Morgan. Station sounded as good as any mid-size HAC.

One thing I've ALWAYS hated...the 'ZOO mascot. It was cute 10-15 years ago...ok, not even then. Time for something else. Especially for a CHR.

Present VO is my buddy Russ McLamb @ Does great work.

Anonymous said...

Power 108 was a great station lots of great talent on that station at one time. Rick Michaels,Cat Thomas, Ed Brown and Scott James. Rick Michaels is the only one that ever stayed in Cleveland. He was the boss at the old End

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever know what happened to the old DJs from Power 108?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rick Michaels work at Rock 107 in Canton recently?