Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cincy Top 40?

AllAccess is hinting at a possible new top 40 outlet in Cincinnati, but has posted no other details.

OMW helpfully reminds folks that there'll be an odd frequency out in all the Radio One/Cumulus shuffles involving the move-in of 100.3 FM to the Cincinnati market.

With that frequency adopting the "Mojo" identity from Cumulus/ex-Susquehanna's 94.9, and country WYGY decamping at 94.9 from 96.5, that'll open up the latter frequency to a new format.

OMW has not heard even any rumors about top 40 on Cumulus' 96.5 once the WYGY simulcast ends, but it would certainly be open for a new format due to that above shuffle...


Anonymous said...

With all of the stations moving around in Cinci why can't they move a station or two into the Cleveland area? BTW WKBN newsradio 570 is 80 years old yesterday.

Anonymous said...

on the topic of format changes / flips.. any word on the wjer jump? sept is wrapping up fast.