Tuesday, July 11, 2006


OMW hears that Salem Cleveland sports talk WKNR/850 is losing ESPN Radio.

We hear the station was given a notice by ESPN Monday. The network may air in the Cleveland market on a full-time (24/7) signal at some point in the next few months. At this point, we can guess, but don't know for sure what that station may be...or what will be the eventual disposition of ESPN programming on WKNR.

We hear WKNR may have pulled some network programming, but it's still running promos for ESPN and for the network's presentation of the All-Star Game tonight.

More as we hear it...


Anonymous said...

do we specualte here or at another board (I noticed the links to the message boards weren't on this blog anymore).

Maybe we get Szabe in the AM...that would be nice.

Brinda in the AMD and SNR for TOny Bruno in the 9-12n would be sweet too.

Is the BSK still on in Memphis? Could we see a return of the Professor? How about Triv to mornings?(just kidding)

Anonymous said...

I bet Drennan is coming back.


74WIXYGrad said...

How about More Sports and Les Levine.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Could we see the sports talk format moving to 1260am???

KNR has an interesting dilemna. Do they go to Fox Sports Radio or Sporting News Radio? Do they run more syndicated programming in morning drive or do they try to build their own local morning sports show?

I would think the answers are simple. A local sports show in morning drive would be much better than what FSR or SNR offer in early mornings. Also, to replace ESPN Radio I would think FSR is the no-brainer choice. Especially considering the uncertain future of Sporting News.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

What WKNR will probably do post-ESPN is this:

Brinda 6-9am
Karlovec 9-noon
Rome noon-3pm, midnight-3am
Roda 3-7pm
Captains Baseball/Paid/Golf Show/Boxing Show/OSU hoops/CSU hoops 7-10pm
Rants 10pm-midnight
Paid Programming 3-6am

Weekends may be filled with Fox Sports Radio, but weekdays, I think they would rather go local (and in-house) than more syndication or getting an outside host.

If ESPN wants their own station, 1260 makes as much sense as anything since ABC already owns it with Radio Disney.

ABC could as well get an FM station so not to lose Radio Disney clearence in Cleveland.