Friday, December 01, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Schultz Replaces Franken on WARF

As expected, Clear Channel liberal talk WARF/1350 Akron "Radio Free Ohio" has officially announced that it's boarding the Big Eddie Train to its earlier time slot.

WARF will move along with Jones Radio's Ed Schultz, and start airing him in his new noon-3 PM time slot on December 11th - replacing Air America Radio's Al Franken.

The move also gives a long-awaited live afternoon drive clearance to Franken's AAR counterpart, Randi Rhodes...she'll air live 3-6 PM weekdays on "Radio Free Ohio".

The station also picks up AAR's Rachel Maddow for her new-ish live show from 6-8 PM, making the entire WARF lineup live from 6 AM until 8 PM via satellite, that is.

A station memo that flew out with the gusty winds from the Clear Channel World Domination HQ/Southern Command on Freedom Avenue notes that Franken - "as soon as Sunday" - is rumored to be announcing his run for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

It also hints at possible future lineup changes in the evening, which we presume would be triggered to whatever happens to Air America itself. AAR is, according to AllAccess, in last minute extended negotiations with a possible buyer...


newsnomore said...

Tell me it's not true.

Randi Rhodes in afternoon drive!!!

Bring back Big least you can listen to him.

So now it's either Hannity, Triv or Randi Rhodes for the ride home everyday.

If that's not an argument for XM radio, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

News no more...keep in mind this was big eddies move, not the local stations. Ed and a very smart broadcasterwho owns the show realized frankens show sucked. Liberals were still listening to rush because franken was so bad.

An add for xm? Sure you'll get hannity, rhodes on there too except they'll charge you $12. At one time triv was on xm too.
Have you ever heard XM? Since Hendrie left and besides the Philips. Phile there's 57 channels and nothin on

bizdecision said...

I agree with newsnomore...I look forward to hearing Big Ed take the airwaves around 3:06 with the open. Awesome.

Hearing Ed tackle breaking news and other matters as they happened during drive time made the drive go fast.

I ranked Al Franken show almost as listenable as Joe Finan's. It was almost THAT bad.

newsnomore said...

I don't care who made the decision, I can't stand Randi Rhodes.

I think she's talented, but she is just so over the top...insulting...hateful.

I don't agree with Ed many times either, but at least he doesn't get insulting and I find him interesting enough to listen to.

I didn't mean to give XM an ad. I would never buy least not yet.

I was just looking for ANY alternative.

Over the air radio is getting so bad, there's nowhere to turn.

bizdecision said...

Newsnomore...I agree. I find Ed's show very entertaining.

Morning drive is tough on my commute. I listen to the news on either 1100 AM or 105.7 depending on what's going on locally...because I might want to hear Lanigan and Malone discuss current events. After that, I turn on the mp3 player.

Afternoon drive is getting worse. With Triv, Roda, and others, it's horrible. Good music is hard to find. I enjoy mellow r&b music at times and now, WZAK has this Michael Baisden show on which is downright disgusting at times. I've tuned in a couple times to hear him discuss things like girls phsycially "maturing" too early and what's sexy about older black women.

I feel weird saying that having WDOK's Christmas music on all the time is nice but they play the same rotation of songs it seems like every few hours. I listened for 30 minutes at 8 p.m. last night on the way to Crocker Park and for 20 minutes today on the way to the Westgate area. I couldn't believe I heard "Feliz Navidad" and Amy Grant's version of "The Christmas Song" in those same blocks of time. It was probably just an incredible coincidence.

gregrocker said...

You guys need Stephanie Miller. I have to carry a roll of paper towels in my car because for the first time in my life, I spit out my coffee at least once a week. The woman is fall down funny, smart as a whip, stunningly attractive. The rednecks barely notice she has slipped in the shiv until they lose an election.

newsnomore said...

I'll take a daily dose of Stephanie Miller anytime...but isn't she on WHLO at night?

Ohio Media Watch said...

The talented (and lovely) Stephanie Miller is indeed on WARF/1350 weekdays 9 AM to noon. She gained back her third hour when the station cancelled the local Joe Finan show.

She's not been on WHLO at all, as far as we know...just live on WARF..

-The Management

newsnomore said...

Thanks OMW...

I got her mixed up with Laura Ingrahm, who I belive is another face fit for TV.

For some reason, I constantly get 640 and 1350 mixed up.

I guess I switch back and forth so much, I forget which station I'm listening too and don't pay attention to the fact that one is right and the other...left. (personally, I'm somewhere in the middle)

Hey, why can't we get a station that appeals to us in the middle???

I've heard that Stephanie Miller...once again, I don't always agree with her, but she is talented and puts on a good show.

Biz...can't disagree with anything you've said.

As for Big Ed's move...why go from afternoon drive to mid-day?

Afternoon drive is a more important slot. Is he trying to get away from the Rush competition, thus feeling his numbers will increase???

Anonymous said...

he is moving to up against rush

Anonymous said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO FINAN?! somene let the famous miss know!
glad to see there are some attractive women on radio, like me (smile) i used to say i was the only one!

anyway i use dto tune in before work and screw aerial areound form clevel to get akron station in.. wiating for joe to be cancelled.. kept checkin to se eif he was still 'on' although it is wonderful you can get on the air in late 70's early '80?" let finan's voice BE AN EXAMPLE to alocholics out there.. the draggy slightly slurred-even-while-sober-formany-many=yrs affect is even more obvious when played on podcast slo-mo accidentally! god.. how terrible to brain damage yourself with alcohol that way! finan has been a inspiration, however, for other recovering addicts and the fact that he continue dON AIR, after hip surgery in his 70's! etc! god that take stremendous guts and talk about strength!since most people say after hip problems, it's over.Dont listen to doctors. AND WHY THE H DOES CLEVELAND RADIO PLAY ROCKIN AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE 20,000 times literally, the only song they play from nov thru dec 24?!its NOt a great song and personally ive never seen someone rock and dance around a tree, have YOU? woah. anyway he was an influential, often times hilariously witty voice (ha) for me as I am also a broadcaster and BETTER YET WHERES JIMMY? of the 'dating show' old wnir" 'yeah yeah' he used to cackle and drag his words out remember? or answer in deadend tone 'yeah.. (pause) yeah' to the weirdo callers looking for dates (lol)didntthtey get that he was mocking them out? FINAN! hope ya finish that book you were talking about and remember, perfectionism often slows down or stops the completion of our artistic projects.

wendy w 'miss x music'

Anonymous said...

what happened!! wheres finan?! someone let me know (yeah you had listeners in their 20's) kept checkin back twisting aerial around from cleve just to get your show in! to se eif he had been cancelled yet.. comng back after broken hip and surgery takes more guts than most will eVER have, in his 70's and 80! also, his voice tone and intonation is an example to anyone out there contemplating drinking.. especially noticable in podcast slow mo! god. Joe has been sober for many yrs and he was very inspirational for that, to MANY.
He was very influential for me as a broadcaster when he was on WNIR and they definitely is the only station that has that total 'honey warm' old fashioned feeling. A guy who worked at the station once came from his 3 am night shift, straight form work, on no sleep, to meet me in downtown cleveland for a 'date' (yeah thats dedication.. and glad theres some other beauties on radio now other than me! ha ha as i used to be the only one)

AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JIMMY OF THE DATING SHOW? 'dating show' he'd say,in his cackly great radio voice. an the wat he would say 'yeah' in deadened tones .. then long pause ' yeah'..' as response to the absolute weirdos that would call for dates ha ha ha. Didnt they get that he was mocking them OUT?! Joe, you were often so witty i would be laughing out loud trying to imitate that type of good attitude. Finish that book u been talkin about for yrs, and remember, perfectionism causes great procrastination.

miss x the gen xpert