Thursday, December 07, 2006

Random Evidence of a Cluttered Media Mind

Just some stuff, and some previews:

HARVE'S BACK: This item could also be titled "Northeast Ohio: Now and Again".

NextMedia has announced that Harve Alan takes over as company VP of programming, replacing Steve Davis. Alan comes aboard from research firm Mercury Radio Research.

We read this item yesterday in the various radio trade publications, and we were having trouble remembering why Harve Alan's name sounded familiar.

As it turns out, we're reminded that among various larger market programming jobs and work at radio networks and national companies, Harve Alan also has Akron on his resume... as former program director at Rubber City Radio rock WONE/97.5.

And that's where our first line comes in. In his new role, he'll oversee programmers at NextMedia stations across the country, including Canton's WHBC/1480 and WHBC-FM/94.1. Well, at the AM side for right now, as 94.1 is still looking for an operations manager following the departure of Terry Simmons a while back.

OMW hears there could be a replacement for Simmons already in the works at "Mix 94.1". We also hear that the new programmer could be overseeing a format tweak on the FM side after the Christmas music goes away later this month...

HD BROWNIES: We were wondering about this, and it's official tonight - WJW/8 "FOX 8" is broadcasting the NFL Network-produced contest between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers in HDTV.

This seems to be a new thing this year - cable TV games offered to local NFL markets with teams in the game are being made available in HD format.

Of course, with how badly the Browns are playing so far, maybe we were charitable in calling it a "contest"...but at least it looks good!

AND A TEASER: We won't say who yet, but one of the names rumored as a possible talk show host under Good Karma Broadcasting's new reign at WKNR/850 has found OMW, and has dropped us a note.

You'll be surprised at his comments, which we'll publish sometime on Friday. Let's just say that he's been nice to us.

We'd like to repeat, again, that though we've heard rumblings about new possible Good Karma employees, we have heard NOTHING about the status of current WKNR employees under the new ownership.

We tend to believe that it will continue to be status quo at least until the start of the year, and we get the idea that the new WKNR management is looking to significantly expand local programming.

We've heard a lot of rumblings about this transaction, and have yet to hear that "X person is gone" in the current WKNR firmament of on-air personalities (or off-air staff, or other).

So, if you hear it, you're probably not hearing the truth. We get the idea that Those Decisions haven't been made yet...and let these people enjoy their holidays, OK?


Anonymous said...

OMW, what's happening between Pat Butler and Trivisonno? The two haven't been bantering as of recently, and Trivisonno gave Butler's cell phone number over the air because he was late Tuesday afternoon (because he was doing the Channel 3 news at noon).

Rumor is that Pat is going to quit. Any word?

Regardless, I like the traffic without the perverted remarks and unprofessionalism.

Anonymous said...

"Well Mike let me tell you" is honestly one of the all-time worse attempts at a catch phrase.

Is it an attempt at humor? I just don't understand how that flies in major drive-time radio. Allison is another story alltogether. She's not really the "cohost" is she? Triv will go on a 10 minute rant, while Allison verbally nods in agreement.

B said...

OMW wrote, "This seems to be a new thing this year - cable TV games offered to local NFL markets with teams in the game are being made available in HD format."
NFL cable games have always been made available to broadcasters in the team markets, just as MLB makes the LDS "cable exclusive" games available to the highest bidder. If you're just refering to the availbility of HD... well, the NFL Network isn't in enough homes to demand the broadcaster take just the NTSC feed... They need all the positive publicity they can get.

Anonymous said...

To the 2nd poster:

The windbag Trivisonno FORCES Pat Butler to utter those six redundant words EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME he does the traffic. Pat does NOT want to say them at all (WHO WOULD???)...but the last time Pat didn't cow-tow to the lard-head by saying those exact words, TRIV went on some verbal rampage, demeaning him and just acting like the jerk he IS.

My suggestion to all of Cleveland: just stop listening to WTAM and talking about the has-been (never-was) M.T....and maybe he'll crawl back under a big, fat rock.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that my Program Director, who I hired here (I'm just a jock, a nobody) .. my PD has been approached by Craig Karmazin himself (does he have no staff?) about a "position" (he not say what) at WKNR. We are personal friends and he asked me, quote, "Do you know who the hell a Craig Karmazin is?". So, he's definitely scanning airwaves and looking for on-air talent. He would have no idea this guy is PD here. Also, my buddy (boss), asked me if *I* had any interest in it. I sure as heck don't. My boss told him a flat "no", according to him, because, basically, he's a big wig in a small area (has beers with all the coahes, knows all the AD's, runs his own HSBB tournament, etc. It's a status over money-market circumstance).

I post this as a positive thing for those here that may be looking not as a negative thing for any WKNR employees. Also, don't take it as an "ego" thing because *I* was not approached. I'm a nobody, or less.

.. thought some might find it interesting ..

Anonymous said...

Geoff Sindelar?

Anonymous said...

I know for sure that Pat Butler WTAM 1100 is going no were anytime soon. Now for Trivisonno yes he went to far on Tuesday. And some other people on the show know better but they went with the game. let me say this Alison is HOT HOT. I think Pat Butler does a great job at what he does. Yes he was late for work but he did the traffic all morning for channel 3 and WTAM 1100 so I would give him a break but Trivisonno I love the show but some time Mike just gets off on thing and drives people crazy sometime. Mike will know who this is. Alison is great. I wish I was Alison boyfriend because she is HOT HOT.