Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Radio Check For Us

UPDATE 12/2/06 3:07 PM: Well, so much for that. The station literally signed off in mid-song just a short time ago.

Have we nabbed the second pirate your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) has ever heard? The first was the "WCUE Pirate", who camped out on 91.9 FM with a distorted voice and a few jingles from the old top 40 format at WCUE/1150 Cuyahoga Falls a few months back.

Though we can't link the two from what we heard, the "WCUE Pirate" was running at roughly the same time of day on a Saturday afternoon...


Just a quickie:

We're asking our readers to tune to 103.7 FM at this hour and tell us if you hear what we're hearing - an oldies/classic hits mix with few identifiers. Actually, only one, a guy who just came on and said "103.7 FM".

The frequency has been occupied, depending on atmospheric conditions, by WRTS/103.7 "Star 104" out of Erie PA, but this is very clearly not them.

The signal may or may not be stronger in the Akron area, though it's a bit weak to be that close to the OMW World Headquarters...


Anonymous said...

I tried to look for your 103.7 signal. I powered up my car radio an hour later, at 3:55 PM Saturday afternoon, but could not hear anything by faint spillover from WCRF (103.3). Location was Northfield Center, near routes 8 and 82 in Northern Summit County. Thanks for letting us know!

newsnomore said...

The WCUE pirate would probably be offering the highest quality programming on Akron area radio these days...bring 'em back.

What were they running, old air checks or just music with the jingles?