Sunday, August 27, 2006

About that STO Airing of the Race

SportsTime Ohio is picking up the "Champ Car" NBC race that WKYC/3 pre-empts today for a Cleveland Indians game...the TV rescheduling that'll take the place of an October 1st Indians game that will air on STO.

In case you're hunting for the race in about an hour and can't find it, here's why:

NBC Sports Special, Champ Car: Montreal.
Due to late notice, not all cable operators will carry this race.

Of course, outside the Cleveland market, NBC affiliates will generally carry the race anyway.

However, some racing fans in Lima may be out of luck - WLIO/35's schedule shows the Indians game today, and we're pretty sure DirecTV doesn't carry STO in that area. Time Warner Cable's system in the region carries STO on channel 25, but we don't know if the race will be made available there.

We've checked online schedules for the Indians TV network affiliates in Erie - WICU/12 (NBC) and WSEE/35 (CBS) - and don't see the game listed.

Any reaction to problems with this race will probably be somewhat minor, at any rate, compared to the fuss made over the NASCAR "Nextel Cup" circuit...


Anonymous said...

In Youngstown, WYFX/WFXI FOX 17/62 aired the game, Armstrong cable Mahoning couny ch 66 (STO) carried the race just as WFMJ did. My question is why did the cable systems outside the Cleveland DMA carry the race air when they in thery should of been blacked it out since that was an NBC network program?

ira said...

And the race was rained out!

Anonymous said...

I now that NBC had some sort of coverage on both NBC and STO as I saw when I was channeling surfing today.