Thursday, August 03, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: "Mud, Mihalik and Mike" Take WNCX Mornings

The long-awaited announcement is official at CBS Radio classic rocker WNCX/98.5. The new local morning show starts Friday, and will be called "The WNCX Morning Show with Mud, Mihalik and Mike".

"Mud", as expected and reported earlier here, will be the artist formerly known as "The Mudd" on then-WWWM/105.7 "M105". He's also used the on-air name Wynn Richards at stations like then-WGAR/1220.

"Mihalik" is indeed Kim Mihalik, the former co-host to WTAM/1100 afternoon driver Mike Trivisonno. Kim joined the CBS Radio cluster earlier this year as a weekend afternoon personality on WNCX sister AC station WDOK/102.1.

"Mike" is Cleveland radio veteran Mike Olszewski. Though he's also worked at AM stations like WERE and WRMR, Olszewski is best known for a seven year stint at rocker WMMS/100.7.

The official press release from WNCX is reprinted, in full, below:


August 3, 2006

"Mud, Mihalik & Mike” to Debut Friday, August 4

CLEVELAND, OHIO- 98.5 WNCX…Cleveland's Classic Rock today announced the debut of "The WNCX Morning Show" featuring Mud, Mihalik & Mike beginning Friday, August 4 (5:30- 10:00AM). The show marks the first time in 14 years that a locally hosted morning show is broadcast on the station.

“We are pleased to be able to present a live and local morning show that reflects the rock heritage of Cleveland. This town is going to love waking up to these three Cleveland radio pros,” commented Tom Herschel, WNCX - Vice President & General Manager.

The new line-up features the return of host "Mud" a Cleveland radio veteran with many Ohio ties. Mud is a 1973 graduate of Beachwood High School and attended Ohio University for one year before being thrown out by the Dean of Communication who informed him he needed to reassess his life.

And reassess he did, entering the field of broadcasting as the youngest booth announcer for an ABC affiliate to date, at WEWS - Channel 5 in Cleveland. Following his booth announcing duties, Mud's voice could be heard on Cleveland radio stations M-105 and WGAR. He also held the position of Program Director at former Cleveland call letters WLYT and WDMT.

"This is a dream come true for me. Not only will I be able to reconnect with my friends and family, but I will be given the chance to work with an assembly of broadcast professionals at America's premier Classic Rock station," commented Mud, "WNCX is part of Cleveland's rock heritage and to be given such a great opportunity to join Kim and Mike in waking up Cleveland is truly exciting."

Mud and his wife have two sons, Jeramy and Robert, who are both employed in the broadcast industry.

Joining Mud as co-host in the morning is Cleveland radio veteran Kim Mihalik, who arrives at WNCX after spending eight years partnered with WTAM's afternoon host Mike Trivisonno.

"Music is a very personal thing," said Mihalik, "and I don't think there is any audience that understands their music more than a classic rock listener. I look forward to bringing them a compelling show which includes the music they know and love."

Prior to her radio career, Kim influenced many young lives as a 5th grade teacher in the Berea school district. Mihalik and her husband Brian reside in the Cleveland area with their two children Jake and Mackenzie.

Rounding out the team is Cleveland radio news veteran Mike Olszewski.

Olszewski started his radio career at AM talker WERE followed by a brief stint at WRMR before joining the team at WMMS for a seven year run from 1988-1994.

Mike also served as General Assignment/Entertainment Reporter at WOIO/WUAB television. In addition to his broadcasting career, Mike is a published author including the book "Radio Daze: Stories from the Front in Cleveland's FM Air Wars" which is currently being developed into a television documentary.


Anonymous said...

Mike O was also a news host for WKNR on the Bruce Drennan Show from 2001-2003.

Anonymous said...

Don't turn your back on him, if you know what I mean.

Johnny Morgan said...

The CBS press release leaves out quite a bit of Mike O.'s experience since 1994--like co-host in the mornings on 92.3 The Beat (of course, who'd blame anyone for leaving that forgettable experience out?) and working for Metro Networks. And his production company on the side as well.

But, not knowing what we here know: you'd think that Mudd hadn't done anything since 1984, Mike since 1996, and Kim since last year.

I like CBS being a private unemployed placement firm, but really...come on gang. Is THIS going to get folks to:

(a) Come back to 98.5 who left after after Stern left?

(b) Get folks to turn off Lanigan, Trapper Jack (that's why Kim's there), Wills, WKNR, and/or Brian & Joe and turn on 98.5?

(c) Get folks who wouldn't normally turn in to 98.5 to...ummmm...tune in?

I shall dramatically re-create a sample discussion. Dressing for work in middle-class bedroom are husband (H) and wife (W); time, 6.30am:

W: "Hey honey, Mudd's back on the air!"

H: "Who?"

W: "Mudd. You remember him."

H: ""

W: "Sure you do...think back 25 years ago."

H: "25 years?! Honey, be serious..."

W: "Come on honey, you gotta remember Mudd on M105"

H: "I listened to the Buzzard, babe."

That's all you need to know. Anyone who wasn't a die-hard M105 fan won't know this dude from Adam. And the fact that he wasn't revealed at one time as Wynn Richards in the press release--which will probably be reprinted nearly verbatim in the papers--means no one who listened to WGAR, 3WE, WLYT, or WDMT will know who the hell he is.

Mind you, there's something to be said for more music in the mornings. So that's a plus.

Anonymous said...

Another sign that broadcasting is in a sad, sad state....Mihalik gets another job. Shoot me.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why I quit radio.

Anonymous said...

So...How long before Alison replaces Kim at WNCX?

Anonymous said...

Is the backstabbing Triv in charge at WNCX, as well? Anyone recall when he told Kim & co. he didn't need them, right after 9/11? He made a complete fool of himself, bashing "flag-wavers." Why do people waste their time with his drivel?

Johnny Morgan said...

People waste their time because Trivisonno is a superb actor--that's all his show is, an act. And folks are duped into re-visiting the alternative reality of the theatre of the air.

He's not real, he's an act. He doesn't mean a single scrap of the crap he says. Remember that everyone.

Anonymous said...

I was kinda hoping WNCX Would come up with something better than this morning show. How in the world did Kim Mihalik get another job in radio? She is just awful. I for one am not going to listen to her giggling incessantly for hours on end. The whole shame of this is that Mike O has to be forced to work with her. Why not bring back Rocco/Mike O they were a good pair on WMMS in the afternoon.
This morning show won't last 6 months before they pull the plug on it. I hope that Mike is paired up with someone with talent. Why does Cleveland constantly recycle lousy radio talent. Maybe they can find Bruce Drennan a spot on the morning show. He has worked everywhere else on the radio dial

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm in the minority, but I always enjoyed Kim M. as the voice of sanity and reason on WTAM. I don't mind her a bit, and hope she does well with this new gig. It's the old man of the group I'd be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Would some of you had been happy if Lex and Terry, or John Boy and Billy, or Mancow, would have gotten the gig?

Give 'NCX some credit for at least trying a live and local radio show to fix a problem that was not their creation to begin with..

Its possible Kim might bring some listeners that liked her-as I did--on WTAM..

Its also possible that three adults with a well prepared show can beat Bob and Tom on the can't be that hard to do..

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post... How long do you think Bob & Ted, or was it Bob & Bill, or is it Bob & Joe, or Bob & Jim, or Bob & Tim or Bob & Tom will last on WMMS??? Cleveland doesn't want piped-in garbage from other cities. Cleveland has a proud history of Rock & Roll and great radio stations. The buzzard has turned his head in shame.

Anonymous said...

WMMS as a station ceased to exist in April of 1994 when they fired Jeff/Flash Lisa Dillon Rocco and the rest of the staff before turning alternative. Whether John Gorman wants to admit it or not he was the one most responsible for making WMMS great and then putting the final nail in the coffin back in 1994.

Anonymous said...

I agree that anything should beat Bob and Alice. I remember Mud at M105, they tried to compete with MMS in its hey day. He should do better with no competition left. It will be great to hear from locals. This piped in crap has got to go.

Anonymous said...

WNCX bringing in Kim Mahalik is nothing more than a deperation move to bring in a female to a morning show..
The truth is, Lisa Dillon probally wanted too much, and Kim wasn't in a position to ask for huge dollars.
Kim was the only option left..she never was WNCX's 1st choice.
To all those Kim fans out there,what is she good at?
Giggling and overating her intelligence?
It took WTAM 8 years to figure out that Kim has no real talent.
Kim thought she was as important to the afternoon show as Triv was.
Don't let no one fool you,Triv might have a ego, but Kim did nothing to merit one....
Oh Kim being in radio is putting lbs on you.....
better start walking your pets more and stay off your behind.

Anonymous said...

wow...last blogger. Are you a former jilted lover of Kim's??? Go back in your trailer & take a zanex.

Stew H said...

Jeez, not so hard on Kim...While I'm not sure the ncx gig is right for her, she reaaly was a kind of voice of reason when teamed with Trivisonno...

Anonymous said...

Lighten up people. There's a dial on your radio for you to change to another station if you don't like what you're hearing.

Matt E said...

There is always XM! I haven't listened to Cleveland radio in months and couldn't happier.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kim is a talented women (which is why it irked Triv to share the spotlight). Alison is a girl. What's next, is Triv going to do his remotes from high schools? Why stop at having one girl in the studio... why doesn't he move the show to the crazy horse? BTW, you're crazy if you think Alison adds anything to the show. She might be good looking but remember this is RADIO. To be successful in radio you need a good voice. Her voice stinks and she is not willing to stand up to Triv which made the show much better with Kim.

Anonymous said...

Love Kim. Love Mike, although it seems he is just background noise sometimes. Mudd is OK, but I don't understand why he "leads" the team.