Saturday, August 26, 2006

Les Levine's New FSN Ohio Role

It's funny how questions can get answered not long after you think about them.

We were watching FSN Ohio/WKNR's "Cleveland Rants" the other night, and wondered what'll happen to show co-host Les Levine on the cable network after the show ends - presumably at the end of the Cleveland Indians season in just over a month.

It didn't take long for our answer to appear - during the final edition of FSN Ohio's Browns Training Camp show on Thursday.

Show co-host Michael Reghi informed viewers that he'd be hosting the new "Browns Table" weekly show on FSN Ohio, starting Wednesday, September 13th at 7 PM along with Levine - and Browns players Dennis Northcutt and Andra Davis.

The timing will be interesting - with Levine's existing now-Time Warner Cable show "More Sports and Les Levine" airing from 6-7 PM on cable channel 15.

Unless he's moving it to FSN Ohio's studios, or unless he's got the Space Shuttle handy, Les would likely have to tap a substitute host on TWC on Wednesdays. He's already done so when "Rants" prevents him from being at the former Adelphia Cable studios in that 6-7 PM time slot...


BizDecision said...

Wow. Just what I needed, yet another weekly Browns show. How many are there now? You know WKYC will have one. Channel 5 will have one. Action News will probably have one. FSN. STO now has one. I don't think there's an oversaturation of coverage. We need more!

Anonymous said...

I hope Pat McCabe is the fill in host for Les Levine on his show on Wednesdays. Pat is funny and doesn't take himself too seriously about sports.

Bob Stevens said...

Yes, Pat is a tremendous fill-in host, very entertaining. They should probably pair him up with Sportsboytony, a former call-in legend.