Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Casey's Return

As OMW reported Monday, WTAM/1100 sports anchor and morning co-host Casey Coleman is back on the air as of this morning, doing his usual "20/20 Sports" updates on "Wills and Coleman in the Morning". WEWS/5 has pictures and video from Casey's first day back on the job.

WTAM's own "Casey Update" page has downloadable audio of not only Casey's first sportscast back, but a call from Florida...where co-host Bill Wills is vacationing. Former WEWS weatherman Brad Sussman is filling in for Wills during his vacation.

And WTAM's page on Casey notes that he is indeed "expecting to make it back and cover the Browns as the sideline reporter for Browns first game against the Eagles on August 10th".


We are still stunned. The man has been told he may not live past the end of the year, and instead of resting up and staying in bed, he's resuming an active work schedule. If that's not an inspiration, we don't know what is.

The veteran sportscaster is reportedly undergoing "experimental treatments" in an effort to get ahead of the pancreatic cancer which he's been fighting since last fall.

Casey told WEWS that he's still getting a large volume of get well wishes, cards and E-Mails even to this day... "just like it happened yesterday", he says. We're adding our own to the pile again as well.

Casey's return means WTAM sports director Mike Snyder rejoined afternoon host Mike Trivisonno, starting today...


Anonymous said...

I hope Casey gets better and I hope he beats the odds and wins the war aganist cancer. May good bless him and his whole entire family. I really enjoyed his return to the radio and hope he is around for many,many years to come. BTW where is he getting treatments at?

Ohio Media Watch said...

We don't know. The "experimental treatments" line was in the Channel 5 story, based on what Casey said his doctors are pursuing.

When you're told you have six months to live, ANY experimental treatment is an option.


Anonymous said...

that's true. At one point you tube had a old promo from 1977 with everyone from ch 8 inculding casey from when they were "WJKW". They were 4 christmas eve spots and one news story. The rare Ghoulardi video under "wjw" is still there but the others are not. Who owns the copyright to those and owns the copyright trademark to wjw, wjkw, Ghoulardi, and newscenter 8? Since it was made when storer owner the station, how can fox order them to be removed? I did not post links because of any legal issues but I was just curious.

Ohio Media Watch said...

I'd been following some of that YouTube video for a blog entry.

I'm not surprised it's gone. The networks have taken notice of YouTube, with NBC even going into partnership with them...but that also means they're asking for this old TV video to be removed for copyright reasons.

I don't get it. It should be available online for the historic value alone! Maybe the Broadcasting Museum can get involved here and save this sort of treasured old video, and show it for public use for free.

As far as the copyright, I believe FOX would be the copyright holder for any old WJW video, as they own the station now.


74WIXYgrad said...

It was refreshing to hear Mike Snyder doing 20/20 sports on Triv's show today. As I am usually working during the morning show, I havent gotten to listen to Mike much, and besides, it gives Triv some adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

The real kicker is the 1984 detroit 2 news "WJBK" is still there. It was posted after somone there asked about Kathy Adams who was in the 1977 newscenter 8 piece. "WNYW", "WJBK", "WTTG", "KTTV","KCOP","WOR/WWOR", "WAGA" are FOX O&O sister stations are still there so what gives.

Ohio Media Watch said...

No idea why the WJBK and other stuff is still there, but again, if it's pulled, it's because of the copyright holder complaint.

I wouldn't be surprised if that stuff is on a case by case basis, and they just haven't gotten around to it yet.

What else could it be?


Ohio Media Watch said...

We have deleted a comment for one reason, and one reason alone... it was "signed" by a local sports media person, and we can't be sure that the person in question was behind the comment. (There's no verification process here.)

Since the comment could well have caused some negative responses to that person if it is not him, we removed it.

If the person who made the comment is really that sports media person, and wishes us to return the comment, we'll do so. Just E-Mail us privately at the link at the top left of the front page, and if we're sure it's you, we'll return the comment.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Casey! I am glad to hear him doing sports again! I have not listened to the Tribe Pre game show so I don't know if he is doing that again, but I hope if he isnt that he will start doing it again! I can't take Mark Schwab. Who decided to promote that guy from being an intern?