Saturday, August 19, 2006

Two Julie Items

A couple of things from Julie Washington's keyboard at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, as seen in the newspaper's "Entertainment Weblog":

ROBIN'S BACK?: Popular Cleveland radio/TV host - and OMW reader - Robin Swoboda may be back on your TV screen before too long.

Both Swoboda and WJW/8 president/GM Mike Renda admit to Washington that the station is talking with the former "NewsCenter 8" anchor about returning to Channel 8, this time as part of a local mid-morning show of further unknown nature.

Swoboda is one of Northeast Ohio's most popular media personalities, best known for her time next to Tim Taylor on the WJW news set in the 80's and 90's.

Her most recent media gig locally was as morning co-host at Salem CCM WFHM/95.5 "The Fish". She left the job citing the need to spend more time with her family - Swoboda is married to former Browns punter Bryan Wagner, and the couple has children.

That's where OMW comes Swoboda found our item about her departure from "The Fish" and confirmed it right here on your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). Robin, if you're out there reading, still...feel free to confirm it when you finally do reach an agreement with FOX 8, OK?

The mid-morning TV show would presumably be much more "family friendly" schedule-wise than a morning drive radio show...

JAVA START: Washington also answers a question we had...about when incoming WAKS/96.5 "Kiss FM" personality "Java Joel" Murphy starts in nights at the Clear Channel Cleveland top 40 outlet.

"Early September" is the given start date for Murphy's new locally-originated show, which will air in the same time slot his voicetracked show from Chicago once aired in.

Washington correctly quotes WAKS PD Bo Matthews on Mr. Murphy's physical presence at the CC World Domination HQ on Oak Tree starting next month.

"Java Joel" has been heard in Montreal, where his voice has been heard on top 40 outlet WYUL/94.7 Chateaugay NY, the English-language top 40 rimshot known as "Hits FM".

Thanks to a note from an OMW reader (see comments here), we're not sure WHERE Murphy has been doing that show. We're told he may actually have moved back to upstate New York, not that awful far from Montreal.

It makes sense to us, since it's actually his hometown area. He grew up in the small upstate New York town of Massena, which is one of the locations "Hits FM" owner Martz Communications broadcasts from.

Matthews - at least in Ms. Washington's item - indicates that Joel will continue to do that Montreal show...voicetracked out of Cleveland.

More importantly, it would seem to us that a number of CC top 40 outlets will call for his VT services at some point after he lands in Cleveland...


Anonymous said...

I hope Robin Swoboda does return.

She has such an uplifting persona about her

Anonymous said...

Java no longer resides in Chicago. He indeed returned to upstate New York some months ago.

Anonymous said...

kiss will have a nice 1-2 punch in afternoons and nights now with kasper and java joel both doing their thing in oak tree. 2 of the best jocks in the country hands-down right here in cleveland, very cool

Anonymous said...

I guess Robin Swoboda needs money again. As the carousel of Cleveland has beens continues.

Anonymous said...

The above noter, that is pathetic and just cruel. She's hardly a has been. Robin is a stand up and responsible member of the NE Ohio Media.

I don't see how taking time for your family makes you a has been.

You're entitled to your opinion but come on, give her a break.

Anonymous said...

Robin coming back to Fox8 for what the third time as a talk show host,Wait didn't she do that on 5 WELL YES IT WAS THE MORNING EXCHANGE,UNTIL IT GOT CANNED. Then anchoring the news and left because my KIDS. The FISH until oh too early in the morning MY KIDS AGAIN. Robin do us a favor be a guest host not a regular because ratings will be so/so in MID-DAYS JUST LOOK AT GOOD COMPANY. The Ratings are bad and if wasn't for people paying for air time Good Company would be gone sooner rather than sometime within the next 18mos. Why else would Fox pull this GC is slowly going down and Robin comes in last for about 2 maybe 3 years until she QUITS AGAIN BECAUSE OF HER KIDS. REMEMBER THE OLD SAYING ABOUT GOING TO TH WELL ONE TOO MANY TIMES

Anonymous said...

If she truly cared about her kids she wouldnt keep getting these jobs that interfere with her kids

Anonymous said...

Robin come back when the kids are all away in college at least we'll know for 3-4 years you'll hang around until oh I need time to be with my grandchildren. Be like Tim Taylor your RETIRED STAY THAT WAY LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL JORDAN AND WASHINGTON. Better yet 4 times a year a special with Robin on Fox8 Now Robin that may WORK BETTER FOR YOU

Anonymous said...

I don't think that anyone is being cruel here at all. I think most people are just tired of hearing I want to spend time with my kids and then after 6 months Robin returns to either TV or Radio to work 4 months and then she says she wants to spend time with her kids. I agree with the above chatter tell Robin to come back when her kids are in college that way we know she will be there longer than 5 months when the need to be with her kids surfaces again

Anonymous said...

I think once a TV anchor person retires they should stay retired. Stop the carousel of returning and retiring. Isn't it time for Judd Hambrick to come out of retirement again haha.

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