Thursday, August 17, 2006

The CW/UPN/My Shuffle

We're rapidly approaching the first drawing in the New TV Network Sweepstakes.

On September 5th, MyNetworkTV will premiere nationwide, including locally on the newly-dubbed "My43" - aka Raycom Media's current UPN affiliate WUAB/43.

On September 18th, the CW Network will launch...with original programming showing up a couple of days later.

There's a squeeze there.

UPN programming will not air on WUAB/43 and other UPN affiliates moving to MyNetworkTV starting on September 5th, unless the stations manage to delay it out of prime-time.

And though most of the UPN shows are long into repeats, some of which will air again on The CW the week it starts, there is the matter of "WWE Smackdown".

That wrestling show will be live throughout September, and we still haven't heard how WUAB and other UPN-to-My affiliates will handle the weeks between the My launch, and the CW premiere of Smackdown on Friday, September 22nd.

At least some stations are trying to handle this.

Six incoming CW affiliates owned by network partner Tribune Broadcasting are airing the show a few weeks early...the first three weeks of September after UPN's affiliation goes away on competing stations moving to MyNetworkTV.

As far as local marketing of the new networks are concerned, OMW reported that WUAB adopted the "My43" on-air name a while ago. And while new CW affiliate WBNX/55 has not yet changed from calling itself "Cleveland's WB" on-air, we have seen frequent CW promos on the local station.

We don't yet know if WBNX will bring "Smackdown" aboard early, or if WUAB will find a place for it outside of prime-time starting the first full week of September. We'd tend to think the incoming affiliate would be a better choice, with the show going off WUAB's airwaves entirely for the future...


Anonymous said...

That question was asked on the AVS fourm and the engineer at WFMJ/WBCB has asked the programming dept : . Speaking of WUAB in 18 days Armstong cable in Youngstown offically kicks my 43 off the system and replaces it with my-ytv.

Anonymous said...

Alson on the AVS fourm for Cleveland it states that WBNX it could take up to 8 months from the permit being issued. The post is about half way down:

Morgan Wick said...

Um... what about markets (admittedly relatively few in number) where the local WB affiliate will join My Network TV, and not the UPN (which, presumably, will join the CW)?

There probably isn't an equivalent for "Smackdown" there, is there? In other words, no real need to keep any part of the network?

I wonder if WB-to-MyNet stations like KMYQ (formerly KTWB) here in Seattle will show the WB's network-ending classic-series-premiere-fest on Sept. 17. They certainly could, since Sunday is the one day of the week MyNet doesn't show anything, and I would imagine they would, but especially for non-Tribune stations, I wonder if they may feel they're already done with the WB and burn their bridges entirely.

david5258 said...

the likelihood of smackdown moving from 43 to 55 in cleveland is small. 55 is still owned by reverend angley who still does a live daily program.

Anonymous said...

From what I can guess after the first of the month it is up to the locals themselves. But with Vince and the WWE, smackdown will be offered to all incoming CW stations. This is the same WWE who left CBS I thought for among other things a sour relationship between the two parties so if the CW wants smackdown next year (2007) they will obey the will of MR.Vince.
It all depends when the contract is up with each station. But looking at the CW line up, it does seem like it will begin with last years season finales so why carry the dropped network after labor day? I could see the CBS UPN's and Tribune WB's getting the CW carring them since they have the vested interest in the new network, but the others I don't know. As of the merger of the WB and UPN, the head of UPN Dawn Osteroff has be operating both networks so you never know.
I do hope somehow they last nights of both networks will be available online.
As for the new networks goes people in Cleveland will not see the end of UPN and people in Pittsburgh for example will not see the end of the WB so one would assume that the in coming CW could get the option of carring the dropped network for 2 weeks. I can't figure out why they just did not shut down UPN/the WB at the first of the month and provide the local stations will movies from the studio. This would of made sense and would have led to no lost viewer and no confusion from people who are interested in the new network.

Anonymous said...

WBNX no longer airs the 10:00pm edition of "The 90 and 9 Club". It was replaced by a full hour of "Friends" reruns back in July. "The 90 and 9 Club" still airs at 9:00am weekdays, and Ernest Angley now does a Sunday morning 11:00am program.

This means "Smackdown" will fit fine at 55.

Anonymous said...

Why did WBNX drop the Sunday preach edition of Ernest Angley in the first place? It doesnot fit at 11 A.M. after 4 kids TV. It seems out of place

Anonymous said...

The new is up and running and it very different as compaired to the old world now page. It reminds you of myspaceand very little mention of either the station, its programs, or 19 action news.

Anonymous said...

Again, Rev. Angely owns WBNX via Winston Broadcasting. It's techically an arm of his ministry. Not if the Sunday hour is compatible with the kids' shows - it isn't. But he's the owner, so that's pretty much it.

- Nathan Obral